4 Tips To Maximise Your Invisalign Treatment’s Effectiveness

4 Tips To Maximise Your Invisalign Treatment's Effectiveness

Out of the many options available for orthodontic treatment today, none is as popular and favoured as Invisalign braces in Singapore. This popularity comes as no surprise given how it boasts major improvements over the traditional metal ones in terms of usage and appearance – two key factors that people seriously consider when deciding if they should have the appliance installed or not.

Invisalign braces can be removed whenever desired, unlike traditional braces that are permanently attached to your teeth until the end of the treatment. On top of that, Invisalign is made of transparent plastic material, making them virtually invisible unless inspected up close. However, Invisalign isn’t perfect, and there are certain rules that users must follow to maximise its effectiveness. Below, we go over four ways users can achieve this and get their perfectly aligned teeth sooner than ever.

1. Wear your Invisalign braces full time

When getting your first set of Invisalign braces fitted, your orthodontist will ask you to keep them on for at least 22 hours every day. Although this rule may seem absurd, given that the main benefit of Invisalign is its removability, it’s recommended to follow this advice since the treatment will only work if you stick to it. Wearing them for less than the recommended duration could result in not achieving the desired results, and it will definitely slow down your treatment.

2. Monitor your diet more closely

Since you only have a two-hour window to eat your meals and clean your teeth, proper monitoring of your eating window is essential to meet the 22-hour requirement. Generally, you’ll have to drop the habit of eating snacks during breaks and stick to the three main meals of the day to ensure that you’ll only put away your braces for two hours at most. Since a change in eating habits may potentially result in lower energy levels initially, you could make up for that by opting for more nutritious foods so that you can stay just as active as before. Make it a habit to drink more water as well since you may feel a bit more dehydrated due to your mouth salivating more than usual with the orthodontic device on.

3. Keep them well-maintained and clean

Due to constant usage, plaque and bacteria can easily accumulate and stick to your braces, which can spell trouble for your oral hygiene if you fail to include them in your cleaning routine. To ensure that your treatment doesn’t cause unwanted damage in the process, here are a few ways that you can try to keep your Invisalign braces clean and pristine:

  • Use the Invisalign Aligner Cleaning System, which utilises special cleansing crystals that specifically target plaque from your braces
  • Clean your braces thoroughly with antibacterial soap and some warm water
  • Brush them with your toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. Consider using a denture drush, which has longer and stiffer bristles, for cleaning.

4. Adapt to the attachments quickly

There is a possibility that your orthodontist will recommend you to use button-like attachments to support your Invisalign treatment. These small pieces of dental bonding cement are attached to several teeth and serve as anchors that provide a better grip for your braces to latch on to, helping them stay in place and minimising slippage.


Invisalign braces in Singapore are undoubtedly an effective and low-profile dental treatment that’s perfect for those who want to get perfectly straight teeth without anyone noticing. Invisalign braces cost are also getting more affordable. But to make the treatment work at maximum effectiveness, you need to make some adjustments and life-style changes that ensure it can fulfil its purpose as expected.