A Guide To Perfect Teeth: Getting The Right Treatment For You

A Guide To Perfect Teeth: Getting The Right Treatment For You

No two sets of teeth are identical. That is why dentists and orthodontists alike provide a wide variety of treatments and procedures that can stand as a remedy to any problem that you might have with your bite.

Whether it’s teeth stains accumulated from years of drinking coffee or crooked due to genetic expression, here are the different treatments that may be the best in helping you flaunt your best smile and what you need to know about each of them.

Metal braces

You’ve probably seen them before – metal braces are orthodontic treatments that aid in bringing your permanent teeth into their proper alignment. Metal braces consist of brackets adhered to every tooth, wires that go across your teeth, and rubber elastics that anchor the wires into the brackets.

What makes metal braces in Singapore fun is that you can use the rubber elastics to convey your personality, as they come in different colours.

If you want something vibrant, you can pick bright colours such as pink, orange, green – you can even mix and match if you want to.

Ceramic Braces

This type of braces works like metal braces for straightening your teeth. However, because they are less visible, ceramic braces are perfect for those looking for a braces treatment without the metallic look that metal braces come with.

The individual brackets of ceramic braces are made from a ceramic compound, which means they can either be wholly transparent or camouflage to the shade of your teeth.

More often than not, their archwires and rubber elastics are also made to be less visible than the ones used in metal braces. They are more delicate and, at the same time, require a bit more work to maintain. Even so, ceramic braces are just as effective as metal braces.


Another braces treatment that boasts of being more discreet is Invisalign. Still, unlike ceramic braces, the Invisalign treatment doesn’t call for all components that most braces come with, such as the brackets, the wires, and rubber elastics. Instead, this treatment is made by making a mould out of your teeth to create plastic aligners that fit precisely for more “invisibility”.

Convenience is the competitive advantage of Invisalign braces. Unlike its metal and ceramic counterparts, it is entirely removable, hence living with it a lot easier as you only need to wear them for 20 to 22 hours each day.

However, its lack of essential braces components also means that it cannot straighten all kinds of teeth misalignment. To know if Invisalign can work for you, see your dentist so that they can take the necessary evaluations for Invisalign.


From the name itself, retainers are orthodontic appliances that primarily help keep the teeth from shifting out of place. In some cases, they can also rectify minor teeth alignment issues or lack of space, if they are equipped with expanders.

Retainers are usually administered to patients who have completed their braces treatment – they have a plastic component that goes to the roof of your mouth and stainless-steel wires that go across your front teeth, both of which help keep the teeth in place.

Maintaining retainers are practically similar to Invisalign as they are completely removable. Just like Invisalign, retainers aren’t as capable in straightening teeth misalignment issues that are more severe than usual. Rather, they are supposed to prevent unwanted displacement of teeth.

Teeth whitening

Not all issues with teeth are about how they are aligned because sometimes, it’s all about how they look – as far as shade and colour go.

Often, people swear by a good cup of coffee in the morning to jump start their day. Coffee also has its own set of health benefits. Nevertheless, coffee and tea can discolour your pearly whites over time.

To combat teeth stains, dentists provide teeth whitening treatment, a dental service that helps restore the original shade of your teeth. While there are a lot of commercial products that promise to whiten your teeth, such as toothpaste and whitening strips, they aren’t as effective as actual professional teeth whitening services. They could even be more expensive if you keep on re-purchasing them in an attempt to see their effects.

All in all, professional teeth whitening services are still better than most products you can find in the market.


Because people can have varying teeth problems, it’s only fitting that there are different kinds of treatment, so that all issues have their own effective treatment. It’s only a matter of choosing the right one for you.

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