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4 Tips To Maximise Your Invisalign Treatment's Effectiveness

4 Tips To Maximise Your Invisalign Treatment’s Effectiveness

Out of the many options available for orthodontic treatment today, none is as popular and favoured as Invisalign braces in Singapore. This popularity comes as no surprise given how it boasts major improvements over the traditional metal ones in terms of usage and appearance – two key factors that people seriously consider when deciding if […]

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4 Of The Best Foods To Eat When Wearing Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are understandably well-liked for their higher invisibility, comfort and are easier to remove. Most people wearing Invisalign braces don’t really have to worry about what you can or cannot eat as long as you clean your teeth properly before putting them back on. The best orthodontists in Singapore would usually offer advice on what […]

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