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How Soft Drinks Can Have Adverse Effects on Your Oral Health

Soft drinks are a popular part of the Singaporean diet across different demographic groups, particularly among kids and teenagers. The bad news is that these high-sugar soft drinks are associated with increased tooth decay and that’s why you’ve probably heard that soda and other sugary drinks are harmful to your teeth. When drinking soda, an […]

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How Poor Posture Directly Affects Your Oral Health

Poor posture causes a wide range of harmful effects on your overall health such as back and neck pains. However, not many people are aware of the profound link between posture and oral health. Simply stated, poor posture can lead to oral health problems, which may come as a surprise to many people. Your head […]

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Why Parents Should Understand the Importance of Dental Care

Good dental care gives children more than just an attractive smile. Dental care is an integral part of a healthy and happy life. However, some parents downplay the importance of dental care in children. They underrate the importance of dental care either because children have milk teeth which will eventually come off or because they […]

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Orthodontic Myths Busted: What You Should Know

There are several orthodontic myths. Some are downright ridiculous and funny. Claims such as braces trigger metal detectors and people with braces are more likely to be hit by lightning should only tickle you but don’t believe them. Below are five orthodontic myths and what you should know. You Don’t Need to Take Care of […]

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How Poor Oral Health can Severely Impact Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and an exciting season for the soon to be moms. However, it is also a season full of unsolicited advice from your peers, seniors and many other so-called experts on what you should do, eat, wear, how you should sleep and the list goes on and on. The advisors seldom […]

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How Dentists Play a Role in Curing Sleep Apnea

Sleep is therapeutic, a good night’s sleep can restore your body, rebuff your immune system and revive the mind. Medics recommend at least eight hours of sleep in a day for an adult. Unfortunately, adults are also surrounded by psychological and physiological issues that curtail this vital element of healthy living. Obstructive sleep apnea is […]

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