How You Can Prepare Yourself Before Getting Braces Attached

How You Can Prepare Yourself Before Getting Braces Attached

When you get braces, you are bound to adjust your eating habits to make sure that they can do their job – to give you the perfect teeth you deserve.

After booking a dentist appointment to get braces, some people tend to get overwhelmed on the days leading up to it.

After all, unlike orthodontic retainers, which you can take in and out of your mouth whenever you want, metal braces in Singapore are more of a commitment because they should ideally stay attached to your teeth regardless of what you eat or do.

However, if you prepare yourself, you’ll find that life with braces isn’t as challenging as people claim it to be.

Condition your mental state

It’s normal for people to get nervous when their first dental appointment for braces is approaching. You should try to learn as much as you can about braces so you wouldn’t be as intimidated.

A simple Google search on facts about braces or even the types of braces available and the differences between them goes a long way into preparing your mind and easing your worries.

During the appointment, do take a chance to ask the dentist to give you a brief overview of what it’s like to live a life with braces.

At BigSmile Dental Clinic, we will provide you with as much insight as you need so you wouldn’t feel like you’re going into your procedure with eyes blind. Complemented with your research about braces, you should find yourself mentally ready for those braces to be installed.

Prepare yourself physically

After preparing yourself mentally, it’s just as vital to prepare yourself physically because, after all, the brackets will be attached directly to your teeth.

Hence, you will most likely feel a bit of soreness and discomfort during the first few days because your mouth isn’t used to the constant pressure that is wrought by braces.

However, this isn’t something that you should be worried about. This is a good indicator that the braces are working to give you your ideal smile because it is adjusting your teeth and gums to their appropriate position.

Suppose the discomfort is too much for you to shrug off and ignore. In that case, you can apply dental wax over the irritated areas or take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen or paracetamol to alleviate it.

If the pain persists, you might want to have your dentist’s number saved on your phone, so you can quickly call them and probably have the wires adjusted.

Remember that experiencing mild pain and discomfort during the first few days is normal and rarely calls for immediate dental assistance.

Learn how to take care of them

Since your braces will be attached to your teeth for about a year or two, you should take good care of them so that they won’t break and potentially delay the treatment.

Remember the golden rule in oral hygiene that requires you to brush at least twice a day for two minutes each time? Keep that regimen going even if there’s the added challenge of using a dedicated brush for the individual brackets.

Additionally, note down all the instructions your orthodontist will provide and follow them as closely as possible. Doing so will keep not just your teeth clean but also the braces themselves.

Do avoid hard foods, such as peanuts and candies, as much as you can. You run the risk of dislodging the brackets from your teeth as you chew these food items.

You should also avoid biting foods with your front teeth like you would when eating apples and carrots; doing so will pose the same kind of risk as you would with eating hard foods.


Getting braces installed can be daunting for some people, but it’s easy to get rid of one’s nerves and turn that anxiety into the excitement of taking the first step towards the perfect teeth with a bit of preparation. For dental appointments free from stress and hassle, visit us at BigSmile Dental Clinic.

Whether its teeth whitening or braces installation, we guarantee that you will get no less than the best dental care from our experienced, professional, and caring staff.

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