Metal Or Ceramic Braces: Which Is Best For Your Needs?

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When it comes to fixing one’s teeth, metal braces in Singapore are undoubtedly the first thought that comes to mind. With its known effectiveness and reliability, it’s no wonder that it has become synonymous with orthodontic treatment. But despite its efficacy, some self-conscious individuals may be put off by its negative effect on their appearance. Not to worry, there’s still a way. Introducing: ceramic braces.

To know how they differ from metal braces and how they work to conceal your treatment, read on further below.

What are Metal and Ceramic Braces?

 Metal braces are the run-of-the-mill correction solutions we all know about. But despite their ordinariness, they have become the mainstay in dental treatment due to their exceptional effectiveness. With the use of a series of metal brackets, slim metal wires, and elastic bands, they are able to correct most malocclusions.

Ceramic braces in Singapore, by contrast, are similar to their metal counterparts both in design and function, save for their aesthetics. Instead of using stainless steel for the brackets, sturdy porcelain materials are used, coloured in a hue that closely matches that of teeth. Pair that with a matching archwire and the braces become virtually invisible to the naked eye.

That said, the methodology behind these braces remains the same. Both braces use gentle pressure to gradually move the teeth to their correct positions. They are able to correct even the most complicated dental issues, granting you the perfect smile after the treatment.

Why Should You Get Ceramic Braces?

Since both types function in the same way, you may ask what might be the motivations to opt for ceramic braces. For individuals who may be self-conscious about their appearance, having an effective yet inconspicuous solution for all their dental issues is ideal.

Concerns About Ceramic Braces

  • Cost

The quality and cost of the materials used for ceramic braces will vary depending on your dental clinic and their respective dental packages. But generally, ceramic braces will almost always be slightly more expensive than regular metal braces.

  • Durability

Ceramic is a material that’s inherently less tough than metal. This translates to fractures and breakages twice the normal rate, especially when there is a strain of tooth movement.

  • Effectiveness

Whilst they may work the same way, ceramic braces are not as effective as metal braces if you have complicated teeth irregularities. As mentioned prior, significant tooth movement may cause brackets to break.

Besides, since they are more fragile and less durable, having to repair broken brackets or make incremental adjustments at each appointment can delay the straightening process. But if you are careful and require quick corrections, then ceramic braces are a viable option.


Ceramic braces are easily the better option if you want both excellent concealment and effectiveness from a quick dental treatment. But if the added cost and camouflaging properties aren’t important to you, then metal braces will serve you just fine. This is especially so if you have major malocclusions and crooked teeth. Ultimately, both systems have the same objective: giving you the perfect smile that you can be proud of showing to the world. So discuss with your orthodontist to see which of the two suits you best.