The Lesser Known Benefits of Dental Braces

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For most people, having naturally aligned teeth and a beautiful smile is usually the primary motivation behind getting orthodontic braces. However, apart from its aesthetic benefits, did you know that they have overall oral health benefits too? In the article below, we’ll enlighten you on some of the major and significant benefits of braces that are seldom acknowledged, and how they can improve your oral health too.

Gum Disease & Tooth Decay

A good orthodontist in Singapore will tell you that the most common reason for braces frequently arises from malocclusions that develop due to heredity or because of trauma. These malocclusions can cause crowded or crooked teeth to overlap with each other which gives rise to hard-to-reach small spaces between them. These spaces often act as hiding spots for food particles and bacteria. Brushing and flossing will also be a problematic process, resulting in the continual buildup of bacteria and plaque. If left uncleaned, the bacteria will cause tooth decay and even gum disease.

Having metal, ceramic, or Invisalign braces in Singapore allows these malpositioned teeth to be aligned and you can avoid having crevices that are hard to clean. Correcting the alignment of the teeth will eliminate these crevices, thus, minimising the risk of dental diseases.

Improves Speech

Teeth play an important role in your speech. When there are displaced or misaligned teeth, they may affect your speech patterns and how you enunciate your words. Because of this, speaking can cause frustration or even embarrassment.

Wearing dental braces such as ceramic braces in Singapore can allow adjustments to be made to the teeth, correcting the positioning of the teeth, allowing clearer and better articulation when speaking. Braces can help to correct an overbite or underbite that causes speech impediments.

The spaces between teeth resulting from malocclusion can also cause involuntary whistling and word slurring. Wearing braces can help to realign the teeth, which opens up more room for your tongue to move around, improving speech overall.

Prevent Bone Erosion

The bone and gum tissues in the mouth support teeth and hold them in position for speech, chewing and many other actions. However, when there are poorly aligned teeth that causes spaces and gaps or place too much pressure on the gums because of a bad bite, it can cause these tissues to erode.

With braces, the risk of bones and tissues deteriorating is reduced as gaps and spaces between the teeth are closed and teeth are aligned. Be it traditional braces or clear braces in Singapore, they can help to prevent erosion of gums and alleviate pressure by correcting a bad bite progressively.

Helping with Digestion

Did you know that your teeth help with digestion too? Teeth help to break down food along with the saliva that partially digests it before it enters your stomach. Teeth aid with digestion when they allow you to chew food properly. If your teeth are misaligned, they will be unable to function well.

This is where braces come in. Wearing braces can help to rectify crooked teeth by straightening them, so you have optimal alignment and bite when eating. However, braces can only help to an extent for severe misalignment cases. Severe malocclusions may need more comprehensive treatments such as jaw surgery along with the use of dental braces.