Why Working Adults Should Visit the Dentist Regularly

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As a busy working adult, we usually have a tightly-packed schedule, and sometimes we even miss the appointment with our dentist. You can postpone your visit, but you need to visit your dentist regularly. There are more general reasons why you need to visit one regularly, besides putting on ceramic braces or Invisalign braces. So, why do you need it? Let’s find out some reasons why we need to visit the dentist regularly.

  1. Early diagnosis of tooth decay

Tooth decay or dental caries is a condition where the decay-causing bacteria break the tooth surface (enamel). These common issues should get addressed right away before it becomes major tooth problems like cavities (with cavitation of the tooth surface). That’s why we should check our teeth regularly. It may seem like there is no problem on the surface, but we still need to check it thoroughly with our dentist during a consultation.

  1. Cleaning teeth (plaque, tartar)

We might have tried our best in keeping our teeth clean. But sometimes, brushing and flossing are not enough to clean our teeth. Tooth plaque and tartar should be treated by the medical professional. Tartar is hardened tooth plaque, and it requires special dental tools to remove them. The process of removing tartar is called Scaling and Polishing. The process will not take a long time if you visit your dentist regularly. But if you rarely visit a dentist, you may need more time to remove the tartar that has formed in your mouth.

  1. X-Ray check

When you visit your dentist, you can ask for an X-Ray check-up. X-Ray examination can help you detect underlying problems that are invisible to the naked eye. What can we get from an X-Ray check-up? We can detect whether there are growing teeth that are blocked from pushing through the gum line. We can also check whether there is damage to our jaw bones and teeth structure.

  1. Gum diseases

What are gum diseases? Gum diseases results from the buildup of tartar that subsequently causes an infection in our gums. Initial infection is known as gingivitis, and it can break the gum tissue. A further infection extends to the bones and causes the teeth to fall out if left unchecked. Eventually, any unaddressed gingivitis can cause major damage to our gums, and expensive treatment will then be needed. That’s why regular cleaning and check up by our dentist is needed to prevent this situation from happening.

  1. Check your habits and save money in the future

The dentist can help you to look for the cause of your gum diseases or any other dental problems. Visiting the dentist allows you to fix the damage that has already been done and change, or alter our bad habits to prevent further damage. Preventing further damage will allow us to save more money in the future.

Those are some of the reasons you need to go and have a regular dental visit to a good dentist or orthodontist in Singapore. You can then avoid any dangerous situations related to your mouth health or other diseases.