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Invisalign Braces (Clear Aligners)

An alternative to braces are clear braces. Here we focus on Invisalign, or invisible braces, and how this system of customised aligners can treat irregular teeth and give you a great smile without having to put up with metal braces for several months. We also bring you through the cost and process of getting your own set of Invisalign aligners.

What is Invisalign? Essentially, it is an orthodontic treatment using clear aligners to straighten out your teeth or correct any irregularities. It was put into practice in 1999 by Align Technology and has since been used in more than 2 million people. Made from medical grade plastic, each aligner is transparent and custom made specifically to treat your set of teeth.

Invisalign’s clear braces are almost invisible and can hardly be seen when you wear them. They are also removable and you can take them off when eating, brushing your teeth or for special events. Instead of being constantly irritated by braces rubbing against your mouth, these clear aligners offer easy use and a comfortable experience.

Clear braces come in custom made sets with a specific order to use. Each Invisalign aligner works by gradually adjusting your teeth to a specific position before the next aligner in the set carries on from there.

Invisalign Braces Cost Singapore

How much do Invisalign braces cost in Singapore? It is difficult to name a specific number for Invisalign’s price as it varies from individual to individual. However, it is safe to assume that prices for clear braces will be higher than regular metal braces.

How much your Invisalign treatment costs depends on the condition of your teeth. A rule of thumb is that the cost reflects the amount of correction your teeth need. If your teeth only require minimal correction, lesser trays or aligners will be needed. Therefore, the total cost of your clear braces will be lower. The opposite is also true: more irregularity in your teeth will need more complex correction, more aligners and cost you more.

Now we will bring you through the steps you will take with us to get your set of Invisalign braces.

The first step is a consultation with an orthodontist to determine if Invisalign treatment is the best way for you. Invisalign isn’t recommended for those whose teeth need major corrections. Your orthodontist will briefly examine your teeth and discuss the price of your treatment.

Once agreed, an orthodontist will use several methods to get “records” of your teeth. Then, the orthodontist will use putty or an optical scanner to get an impression of your teeth along with x-rays, photographs and bite registration. These details will be captured and sent back to Align Technology.

At Align Technology, a technician will create a 3D model of your teeth and create an animated simulation of your treatment. This animation will show step-by-step changes of your treatment. The orthodontist will receive this simulation and must approve of the treatment before your aligners are made. They will be sent to the orthodontist in Singapore to be passed on to the patient.

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Clear Braces Cost Singapore

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