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      Singapore Orthodontic

      Welcome to Bigsmile Dental Clinic

      More Than Just Straight Teeth

      Dr David Lee has handled many patients with a wide range of conditions and needs, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way. Dr Lee and his team constantly strive to give patients the highest levels of individualised service and orthodontic care, all at reasonable prices.

      Your Go-To Orthodontic Care Specialist In Singapore

      Discover the secret to a charming smile and the importance of having a healthy and beautiful smile. Together with his team of dental professionals, resident orthodontist Dr David Lee has been helping many patients with varying dental needs and conditions to smile confidently. No two orthodontic treatments are the same as we all have different needs. Continuously striving to provide patients with only the best treatment, Bigsmile Dental Clinic offers individually-tailored treatment and care, all at affordable costs.

      What We Do

      Bigsmile Dental Clinic offers a wide range of orthodontic and general dental treatments, such as dental braces, retainer fittings and teeth whitening treatment, to help patients achieve better oral health as well as a confident smile. With a team of skilled dental professionals, led by our dependable orthodontist, we hope to be your go-to orthodontic care specialists in Singapore.

      Good Orthodontist

      Metal braces are the most sought-after type of braces because they are accurate, robust, reliable, and economical. 

      Good Orthodontist Singapore

      Ceramic braces are virtually invisible, making them a more aesthetically pleasing type of braces. 

      Singapore Good Orthodontist

      Lingual braces are another type of aesthetically pleasing braces known to be completely invisible to the eye. 

      Orthodontic in Singapore

      Invisalign are proprietary clear aligners that, when worn correctly and diligently, help to realign the teeth to the correct position progressively. 

      Best Orthodontist in Singapore

      Retainers are orthodontic appliances that help maintain the position of the teeth, preventing any unnecessary displacements of any tooth. 

      Why Should You Invest In Orthodontic Treatment In Singapore?

      In 2012, a survey done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry showed that 45 percent of adults agree that a smile is the most attractive feature people have, no matter their age. 62 per cent state that they are more inclined to invest into maintaining their teeth for an attractive smile, and 35 and 40 percent of men and women, respectively, agree that having a less attractive smile makes an individual less appealing.

      Irregularities in the teeth, without proper care and treatment, will only progressively worsen over time. Our teeth, because of daily use, naturally wear down with age. Not just that, but we also find that our facial muscles become weaker, bones become more brittle, and joints become less flexible. It is part of the normal ageing process.

      Over the years, such physical changes will only add up, leaving us with the possibility of developing uneven, crooked teeth. Dental irregularities do not just look unappealing, but they are also hard to maintain. Food gets stuck in between teeth, resulting in the staining of teeth and, eventually, tooth decay. Unless treated early, tooth decay can result in infection, pain, and potential health issues, such as tooth loss, septicemia or cellulitis.

      Teeth- and gum-related problems can be complicated and pose a health risk if ignored. Orthodontic treatment can help prevent such health issues by realigning your teeth and promoting better dental hygiene and care. Only qualified orthodontists or dentists have the necessary equipment and experience to treat you. A dentist generally deals with jaw, nerve, teeth, and gum-related diseases, whereas an orthodontist treats specific dental issues, such as the realignment of your jaws and teeth.

      Achieve A Beautiful Smile With Confidence

      At Bigsmile Dental Clinic, our resident orthodontist, Dr David Lee, with his years of experience, will ensure that you get the best treatment tailored to your specific needs. No treatment process is the same as another. Together with his team of dental professionals, they will ensure that you will have peace of mind between and during your dental and orthodontic visits. Get your affordably priced orthodontic and dental services right here within Novena Medical Centre. Contact us to get started on achieving a beautiful and confident smile today!


      For most of us, it is recommended to get a cleaning and check-up once every six months. However, the actual interval usually depends on the individual patient’s dental risk assessment. Those people who take meticulous care of their teeth can go once every twelve months, while those with dental issues will need to be checked as often as once every three to four months.

      Regular dental visits are important because the dentists will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In addition, a professional orthodontist can check your overall oral health for any trouble areas like food stagnation or traumatic overbite and recommend treatments accordingly.

      By far one of the most popular orthodontic treatments in Singapore for tackling crooked teeth is braces. Braces are tiny brackets that are fixed to the teeth, and they are either made of metal or ceramic. Then, the archwire that is attached to the brackets bonded on your teeth will move the crooked teeth into place.

      These wires usually need adjustment by the orthodontist approximately every four weeks.

      Orthodontic treatment is best when started during childhood, and some children even start it as young as eight. However, most agree that the best age to get braces or other corrective dental treatment is between the ages of nine and fourteen. This is because that is when the jaws and mouth are the most conducive towards the straightening of teeth.

      The best way to determine your suitability for orthodontic treatment in Singapore is to speak to our resident orthodontist who can advise you further.

      The short answer is, yes! It is possible to do so without traditional braces. The other option to straighten your teeth is something called Invisalign. They are clear, removable aligners that resemble very thin mouthguards and work just as well at teeth straightening as braces do.

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