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Braces Cost Singapore

There are many types of orthodontic treatment: a huge range of braces, aligners and functional appliances.

How much a pair of braces costs in Singapore really depends on the individual, as their specific needs and condition must be considered. We will give you a closer estimate with this general guide to the prices of orthodontic treatment in Singapore, as it can range from $450 to $8800. The cost of braces can also be paid off in instalments.

To start, let’s focus on the most common and well-known treatment: braces. There are 3 main types of braces readily available in Singapore: metal, ceramic and lingual braces, each with their own pros and cons. How much does each of them cost? Without going into specifics, metal braces are the most affordable braces in Singapore, while lingual braces will set you back the most.

Metal braces are one type of braces. Their popularity can be attributed to their hardiness, dependability and effectiveness. They are generally the most affordable type of braces.

Ceramic braces are another option. While they might have a higher price than metal braces, their main appeal stems from being much less visible than metal braces and helping you feel less self-conscious.

The most expensive option, lingual braces are unique as they are bonded to the back of your teeth, facing back towards your tongue. They cannot be seen by anyone but your orthodontist and hence the moniker “invisible braces”. Your appearance will remain free from braces! However, this makes them very tricky for your orthodontist to adjust and for you to clean.

Clear aligners are transparent, hardly visible and removable plastic shells that encase the teeth. Shaped to the contours of a set of teeth, aligners sit closely on your teeth. Aligners come in sets and are used in a specific order. Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly, and the next one carries on from there, moving your teeth closer to the desired position.

Invisalign aligners, a leading line of clear aligners designed and manufactured by Align Technology, are custom made aligners. Orthodontists start with a digital scan of your teeth before planning and designing your aligners using proprietary design software.

Your aligners are manufactured in and sent from Align Technology’s production centre in America to your orthodontist, and you can get started on your first aligner about 3 weeks after your first consultation appointment. Invisalign aligners cost slightly more than other clear aligners or braces, being custom made for each and every user.

Rather than simply moving one’s teeth individually, functional appliances are used to correct protruding teeth, excessive overbite or problems in jaw growth. Prices for functional appliance therapy start from $970, depending on the complexity of the case.

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