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Ceramic Braces

When we think of treatment for irregular teeth, metal braces are usually the first image that springs to mind. Even though metal braces are extremely effective and economical, they can make you feel self-conscious during your period of treatment.

We can correct and align your teeth using ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are a more aesthetic, less visible treatment method and in some situations, are as effective as metal braces.

Ceramic braces follow the same design principles as traditional metal braces. They consist of brackets bonded to individual teeth connected by an archwire, and elastic modules that secure the wire in place. Each bracket gently applies pressure to its respective tooth to move it into the desired position.

The main difference from metal braces is that each bracket is made from a ceramic compound instead of metal. Ceramic brackets are either clear or are the same colour as the tooth. This makes them less conspicuous against your teeth. Special archwires and elastic modules are sometimes used to make the braces even less obvious.

The main advantage of ceramic braces is that they affect your appearance less than traditional metal braces. The colour of the brackets is modified to be the same colour as your teeth, to blend in and become virtually invisible. You can also customise the colour of the elastic modules to create attractively coloured braces.

Ceramic braces are a great option for anyone, but as with any orthodontic treatment, they carry their own set of disadvantages – particularly in its price. Whilst the cost in Singapore naturally varies depending on the complexity and severity of the dental issue, it is safe to assume that it will cost slightly more than a set of metal braces, but less than lingual braces. Ceramic braces are more expensive and difficult to produce than metal braces as they demand the use of more complicated and costly machinery and tooling.

Secondly, ceramic brackets are harder than metal brackets, but this makes them more brittle. Ceramic brackets are more easily broken by sudden large forces, especially when thicker wires are deployed. Because of this, ceramic brackets are typically manufactured to be larger and thicker than metal brackets to withstand the stress of the force applied to them.

There is a higher chance of ceramic braces breaking during the treatment. Any breakage comes with a host of setbacks and inconveniences, adding to the overall duration of your treatment. Finally, while metal and ceramic braces essentially work in the same way, treatment with ceramic braces takes a longer time than metal braces. The amount of force applied has to be scaled back to minimise the chances of anything breaking.

Ceramic braces are a fantastic upgrade from traditional metal braces. While they do come with higher chances of chipping or breaking, ceramic braces can be virtually invisible from afar. They are a great middle ground between metal and lingual braces.

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Ceramic Braces Cost Singapore


Ceramic braces are a popular orthodontic treatment in Singapore designed to straighten teeth. They even have the same archwires and ligatures (elastic bands) as traditional braces.

The major difference from traditional braces is the material that makes up the brackets. For ceramic braces, these brackets are made of ceramic materials that are harder and stiffer. It usually looks like clear or camouflaged brackets with the same colour as your teeth.

The straightening process for ceramic braces usually takes around eighteen to twenty-four months for most people. Simple cases may only take a year. Consult a professional dentist in Singapore to get a better idea of how long you will need to see results.

The main reason why people choose ceramic braces is because the brackets are camouflaged and transparent. Hence, they’re not as noticeable on your teeth when compared to traditional metal braces. This will be a huge advantage if you feel self-conscious in social situations with braces on. 

Besides the aforementioned difference of the materials that are used in the braces, another difference is that ceramic braces are more aesthetic because of the high-quality materials that do not tarnish. Well-designed ceramic braces would not irritate your gums or the side of your mouth when wearing them.

However, brackets that are made with ceramic could be bulkier than metal brackets, so it may pose more discomfort for some people.

With ceramic braces, it is not enough to just brush them at night time and in the morning; you should do so after every meal as ceramic braces tend to stain more easily. Ceramic braces are also less durable than their metal counterparts, so extra care has to be taken to prevent them from breaking or chipping. 


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