3 Ways to Straighten Your Teeth

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Permanent teeth are teeth that replace our temporary milk teeth and they last for the rest of our lives. The replacement process takes years to finish. But what if something goes wrong with our teeth? There are many possibilities; we might have misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, underbite, and others. It will affect not only our appearance but also our health for a lifetime. Fortunately, there are three ways to straighten our teeth. Here, we will explain the pros and cons of those alternatives. In the end, you can choose the best choice amongst them.


The first method is retainers. Retainers are actually custom-made according to your own teeth. These devices are made of wires or clear plastic, holding the teeth in the wanted position to realign it. They can be used to treat minor teeth problems such as small teeth gaps or a just single tooth that is crooked. There are three categories of retainers like Hawley retainers, Essix retainer, and permanent bonded retainer. The pros of Hawley retainers is that they are adjustable and easy to take care of. The cons are you will feel strange at first, and it is very noticeable. The Essix retainer is nearly invisible because it is made of clear plastic, but it needs more time to clean it and can wear down after a few years. The last is permanently bonded retainers which are made of metal. They are totally invisible, but you will have some problems when brushing or flossing.

Metal Braces

The second method is using metal braces. Metal braces are traditional braces which use wires and metal brackets. The pros of metal braces are their dependability because they work better than retainers. The cons of metal braces are that they are really noticeable. People usually may not like it because of this conspicuousness, and it may take months or years until they can be removed. The cost of braces in Singapore is cheaper than other alternatives and is a popular option for many people.


The last alternative you can try is Invisalign. Invisalign is the same type as the aligners, being clear and transparent. It employs the technique of placing clear plastic aligners to gradually straighten and eventually aligning your teeth. The dentist will start by taking moulds of your teeth and have aligners specially crafted to fit your need. The advantage of Invisalign is that it is almost invisible and it is also easy to clean your teeth during treatment. The disadvantage is that the cost of Invisalign in Singapore is expensive, and you still need to visit a good orthodontist in Singapore regularly to make sure that your occlusion is not messed up.

Now that we have known some ways to straighten the teeth we can choose the best method to straighten our teeth. How do we choose the best amongst the options? Here are some tips to choose one. First, you need to discuss it with your orthodontist. They will tell you what’s the best solution for your problems. Second, you need to know how much it costs and whether there is any additional payment needed to be paid after the instalment. Third, you need to know whether the clinic has the services or materials to make the alternatives you want to have available. Forth, technology always changes. So there might be new alternative methods you can try to straighten your teeth. You can ask the dentist about all the alternatives you can get when you are consulting with your dentist.