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Ways In Which Pregnancy Could Affect Your Oral Health

There are likely to be many things on your mind when you become pregnant—with oral health probably being the least of your worries. But the truth is, maintaining proper oral hygiene during pregnancy is vital for both you and your baby’s well being. Here are the different ways in which pregnancy could affect your oral […]

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What Smoking Does To Your Oral Health

Smoking can have a lasting impact on our health. Oftentimes, it’s the cause of various health complications and even fatal diseases. But enough about what it does to the body—instead, let’s talk about the likely damage sustained from smoking on your mouth, teeth and gums. 1. Stained teeth, bad breath & tooth loss Beginning with […]

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Easy Ways To Remove Plaque Build-Up On Teeth

Everyone knows how crucial it is to brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash regularly to prevent plaque and tartar build-up. But do you know why this is necessary? What is plaque and how does it differ from tartar? What is plaque? A filmy coating made out of bacteria and debris, plaque accumulates on the outside […]

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Cavities: What It Is, Who’s At Risk & Prevention Methods

When you experience a toothache,  what do you do? Ignore it and hope it goes away soon enough? While that may work for the short-term, that subtle toothache might be an early warning of something insidious—cavities. And when the pain gets too much for you to bear, you’ll likely have to go to the dentist […]

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Surprising Foods That Whiten Teeth Naturally

Everyone knows that to have a set of gleaming white teeth, you need to avoid sugary foods and staining beverages. This includes things like red wine, tea, coffee, soda, brightly-coloured sauces, and even dark berries. Affordable braces in Singapore might take a while to find, but there are cost-effective ways to whiten your teeth. Do […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Retainers

At this stage of your teeth-straightening process, you probably already know the answer to the question “how much do braces cost in Singapore?”. But does the same go for retainers? Here is a quick guide to the types of retainers available and how much they may cost. Lingual retainers ($480-$600 per arch) Lingual retainers usually […]

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Lingual Braces — Discreet & Virtually Invisible

Lingual braces are probably the most discreet ‘invisible brace’ available on the market. Essentially the reverse or obverse of traditional braces, they are mounted on the back side of teeth, and are also commonly known as “inside braces”. So, what’s it like to get lingual braces, and is it the right fit for you? The process […]

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Essential Foods To Maintain Healthy Teeth

After so much time spent wearing braces and not being allowed to consume all your favourite foods, it’s finally going to be removed. While the prospect of freedom is near, now is certainly not the time to neglect the health of your teeth. A good orthodontist would probably have already given you advice for proper […]

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Things To Avoid Doing With Your Retainer

Does having your braces removed mean that you’ve finally achieved freedom? Well, not quite. Now that your teeth have been straightened out, retainers need to be there to make sure they stay that way. Much like braces, retainers require proper care and maintenance. Here are some things to avoid doing with your retainer: Using abrasives […]

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4 Tips to Help You Take Better Care of Your Retainers

Did you just get your braces taken off? The next thing to do is getting your retainers made. While the journey to attain your ideal pearly whites may seem like a never-ending one, retainers actually signify the final phase of orthodontic treatment. Time to give yourself a pat on the back for making it this […]

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