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Ceramic Braces: The Most Affordable ‘Invisible’ Braces On the Market

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘braces’? If what comes to mind is a teenager student with metal bits seemingly embedded in his/her teeth, then perhaps it’s about time for you to find out about the other options available nowadays. Ceramic braces, for instance. Ceramic braces have been known to be […]

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Bad Habits To Get Rid Of For An Easier Time With Your Braces

While the pursuit of a picture-perfect set of teeth may be a painful struggle for some, pain may be a worthwhile sacrifice for beauty after all. And to that end, many were willing to bear with the painful process of wearing braces in the distant past. Now, with modern technology stepping in to ease the […]

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Is There An Age Limit To Getting Braces Installed?

Is it ever too late to want to look your best? The answer is no. Age is just a number; if you feel like needing a boost to your psychological well-being, a cosmetic make-over, including makeup and braces instalment can help you achieve that. These days, there is nothing to stop you from looking your […]

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Understanding Why Invisalign Braces Are So Well-Liked

Have you ever wondered why clear or Invisalign braces are so widely appreciated? Clear or Invisalign braces are the modern alternative to metal braces. They are most wanted for their near invisibility that hardly affects the user’s appearance. These braces are a leading line of clear aligners designed and manufactured by Align Technology since 1999. […]

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Quick Tips For Maintaining Oral Health With A Busy Schedule

Having a busy schedule will naturally make it harder for you to maintain oral health. But even the clinic with the best orthodontic care in Singapore will say that it is not entirely impossible to take care of it still. Rather than admit defeat and let your oral health suffer, you should be taking the […]

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3 Must-Knows When Looking For Affordable Braces

Want to achieve healthy and perfect teeth but at cheaper costs? Looking for affordable braces is actually not that difficult, you just have to know what to look for. Here are 3 must-knows when looking for affordable braces: 1. Types of Braces Choosing braces can be difficult as every patient’s priorities are different. First things […]

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How To Plan Ahead & Manage The Cost Of Your Braces

Anyone would know that even before you decide to get orthodontic treatment, you would have to think about the cost of braces in Singapore as the price can be rather steep for some people. The cost is especially worrying when you are excited to get your braces, only to come to a realisation that you […]

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5 Essential Tips For Keeping Your Retainers Clean

When people think of orthodontic treatment or ways to get the perfect smile, the first thing that comes to mind will definitely be, braces. And of course, the things that come to mind are a few other factors like the colour of your braces, type of braces treatment and the cost of braces in Singapore. […]

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Top 5 Features To Look For In An Orthodontic Clinic

Treatment with orthodontic braces in Singapore has become a widely used method among many people who encounter mild to severe malocclusions. It makes sense for you to choose the right clinic carefully so that you end up with the best orthodontic treatment outcome, and not waste a lot of precious time and money. While there […]

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Ways To Deal With Braces Pain

There are many fears associated with braces, such as the costs involved and appearance once one decides to go for braces instalment in Singapore. However, the one major fear that tops it off is that most patients have to deal with the pain that starts to sink in once the braces have been put on. […]

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