3 Must-Knows When Looking For Affordable Braces

Affordable Braces, Ceramic Braces

Want to achieve healthy and perfect teeth but at cheaper costs?

Looking for affordable braces is actually not that difficult, you just have to know what to look for.

Here are 3 must-knows when looking for affordable braces:

1. Types of Braces

Choosing braces can be difficult as every patient’s priorities are different. First things first is knowing the different types of braces available.

Metal braces are usually the first thing people think about when someone mentions braces. They are the most commonly used type of fixed braces but are also the least appealing in terms of aesthetics. What about the alternatives?

Ceramic braces in Singapore have the exact same effectiveness as metal braces. The main advantage of it is being more appealing cosmetically. They are used to correct and align your teeth but are more aesthetically pleasing and less visible.

Ceramic braces, like metal braces, consist of brackets bonded to each tooth. They are connected by an archwire and secured by elastic modules. Each bracket is made of a ceramic compound applying pressure to your teeth, shifting them into the desired position. However, this means they have a higher chance of chipping or breaking.

Clear braces in Singapore or Invisalign, provides a system of customised aligners to treat irregular teeth like metal braces. The main advantage is they are mostly invisible and more comfortable than metal braces.

Invisalign are removable clear aligners made from medical grade plastic that are transparent and customised to treat your teeth. Each Invisalign aligner works by gradually adjusting each tooth to a specific position.

Investing in ceramic or clear braces are alternatives worth considering. They are as effective in correcting teeth and are more aesthetically appealing!

2. Cost of Braces

Orthodontic treatment may be expensive, but it is definitely a good investment.

The cost of braces differs from each patient, but it can range from $450 to $8,800, and can be paid off in instalments.

Metal braces are the cheapest options but are the least appealing in appearance. If cost matters the most, metal braces are a good choice. However, if appearance matters more, ceramic braces and clear braces are a better alternative.

Ceramic braces cost more than metal braces and are a fantastic upgrade. If having less visibility is the main appeal you are looking for, ceramic braces are a good investment.

The cost of Invisalign or clear braces differs from patient to patient, reflecting the amount of teeth correction needed. If minimal correction is required, lesser trays or aligners will be needed meaning costs would be lower and vice versa.

Invisalign aligners are a leading line of clear aligners designed and manufactured by Align Technology since 1999. They come in sets and must be used in a specific order.

Braces are actually not that expensive and they are a worthy investment for the future. Also, if appearance is the main priority then keep in mind that opting for less effective strategies to straighten your crooked teeth (like crowns or veneers) will ultimately cost more.

3. Orthodontic Clinics

The most important factor when looking for braces is choosing the best orthodontic clinic in Singapore for you.

Research to find out how credible and well-suited the orthodontist is for you. Set up consultations to find out more about their services and to test out the environment.

Looking for affordable braces, in the end, is actually not that difficult. Just remember, a good investment when choosing braces is when you have a comfortable experience and the desired outcome – healthy and perfect teeth.