Ways To Deal With Braces Pain

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There are many fears associated with braces, such as the costs involved and appearance once one decides to go for braces instalment in Singapore. However, the one major fear that tops it off is that most patients have to deal with the pain that starts to sink in once the braces have been put on.

And the suffering doesn’t just end there as there are still many follow-up visits throughout the braces treatment to change or modify your braces once it is time for it to be adjusted.

Though it may seem like the pain and suffering is intolerable, in reality, it is not the case. There are plenty of methods to alleviate the pain or even make it go away.

  1. Oral anaesthetics

Grab an oral anaesthetic like Anbesol or Orajel and rub the pain away by using it on your sensitive teeth and gums. You can do it easily by picking up a cotton swab, or you can use your finger to rub the gel onto the painful areas. Just make sure to wash your finger before doing it to avoid any harmful germs.

This method is especially effective as your teeth have shift into their rightful position as it will be able to desensitize your teeth and gums and make sure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort.

  1. Over-the-counter pain medicine

If you often experience discomfort or some sort of pain after an orthodontic appointment, you should definitely consume over-the-counter pain medicine.

It will help to relieve the pain following the tightening process, so you don’t have to worry about any aches or pain after your visit. However, take note of the number of pills you are taking as consuming too much can be dangerous.

Follow the recommended usage directions on the packaging, or better yet, consult any of the best orthodontists in Singapore so that you’ll know the required intake.

  1. Icepack

Just like any other injury that you have experienced, in particular, those associated with soreness. You can make use of an ice pack or gel-ice pack even, and place it right outside of your mouth to get rid of the pain.

It’s an especially useful method as the cold temperature will numb your mouth and reduce inflammation so that you won’t feel any pain.

  1. Distraction

In case you don’t have these items available on hand, you can engage in some favourite activity that takes your mind off the discomfort.

Once you are done with the orthodontic appointment, you could play some games, exercise, or entertain yourself; any effective distraction will make the pain go away.

  1. Gum massage

Whenever anyone feels any soreness or aches, the first thing that one would probably think of is massage. And if you’re one of them, then you should take up this method to ease your pain.

Get your fingers working and simply rub your gums in a circular direction with one of your fingers gently. But to really get the effect of the massage working, you should use a block of ice to rub your gums first, just be sure to not do it for too long because it can make the situation worse. Do not bite on ice cubes or they will destroy your braces.

The journey to get your desired smile is not an easy one, but with these tips, the pain that you experience when you put on your braces will at least be slightly alleviated.