Surprising Foods That Whiten Teeth Naturally

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Everyone knows that to have a set of gleaming white teeth, you need to avoid sugary foods and staining beverages. This includes things like red wine, tea, coffee, soda, brightly-coloured sauces, and even dark berries.

Affordable braces in Singapore might take a while to find, but there are cost-effective ways to whiten your teeth. Do you know that there are foods you can eat to naturally brighten your smile?

Though not as effective as professional whitening treatments, you’ll notice the changes gradually over time. And if you’ve already gone for whitening treatments, adding these foods into your diet can help you maintain those pearly whites for a little longer.


Its bright red colour might fool you into thinking that it will stain your teeth, but surprisingly enough, the malic acid in these fruits acts as a natural astringent to dissolve superficial stains which can be found on the surface of your teeth.

To further take advantage of the strawberries’ whitening effect, mash some of them up and mix with baking soda. Then, brush your teeth with the paste formed. Don’t forget to rinse with mouthwash after it’s done to get rid of any residual acid.

Nuts & Seeds

Much like an exfoliator for teeth, the coarse texture of nuts and seeds such as walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and cashews can help strip away surface stains, buff away discoloration and whiten teeth.

However, people with braces on should avoid eating these. Given how much your metal, lingual, clear or ceramic braces cost you, it’s not advisable to eat seeds or nuts since it could potentially get lodged in your braces. In the worst case, it could even bend a wire or break a bracket—and getting it fixed will be a hassle, not only for you but also your orthodontist.

Oranges & Pineapples

Both of these fruits are beneficial for the mouth in different ways. Oranges help to neutralise the acids in the mouth that are responsible for causing decay, while pineapples produce an enzyme which disrupts the proteins on the surface of enamel—breaking up stains and discolorations. Your saliva then washes them all away, making for shinier teeth than before.

If you prefer fruits like lemons instead, avoid direct use. Keep in mind that too high an acidity can severely damage your teeth if it comes in contact with your teeth over a prolonged period.

Celery & Carrots

Vegetables like celery and carrots can physically strip away surface stains when eaten raw. Chewing on these also increases saliva production—which washes away food debris, and makes your gums stronger at the same time.

As an added benefit, they even kill the pesky bacteria that are the primary cause of bad breath.


How much did your clear braces cost you? No small amount, presumably—which is why you’ll want to prevent it from stains and discolorations for as long as possible. But if you have a love for beverages like coffee or red wine, that can be tough to accomplish.

Water can help. Not only does it keep you hydrated, taking sips of H2O between wine-drinking or meals with dark, pigmented dressings can also go a long way in preventing stains on your teeth.