4 Issues You Might Encounter During Your Orthodontic Journey

4 Issues You Might Encounter During Your Orthodontic Journey

We know that having an unhealthy smile can affect not only your appearance, an unhealthy set of teeth can also your overall health. Hence, the reason why orthodontic treatment is rising in popularity. However, similar to any transformative process, the journey to achieving a healthy, attractive smile is not always a smooth one.

In this article, we will explore four possible issues you might encounter during your orthodontic process, at the same time providing effective solutions to overcome them without worrying.

1. Broken braces

Orthodontic braces, such as invisible braces, can correct many dental alignment issues effectively. However, they may break due to wear and tear, accidental trauma, or if you consume sticky or hard foods. If it does happen, you should contact your orthodontist immediately to schedule a repair appointment. Do not delay till your next orthodontic appointment to fix the issue.

Meanwhile, you can apply some orthodontic wax around the broken braces, creating a smooth surface area to protect your cheeks, lips, and gums from getting pierced by the damaged braces. Additionally, you can switch to a soft food diet.

2. Loose band or bracket

Occasionally, your orthodontic band or attachments may become loose if you consume sticky or hard food. If you delay fixing the issue, the band, bracket or attachment may fall off your tooth, resulting in the failure to function properly and causing your teeth to slowly shift back to their pre-treatment position.

Failure to fix it immediately will only prolong your orthodontic treatment. Hence, when such a situation occurs, contact your orthodontist immediately to get it fixed.

3. Aligners do not fit

Invisalign is generally customised to fit your teeth even as they move to their new positions. However, errors do occur occasionally during the design and production process, affecting the final shape of your aligners. More commonly, aligners may not fit if they are not worn correctly for the required number of hours. If they do not fit your teeth properly, it is vital to communicate the problem to your orthodontist to get it fixed as soon as possible. You will experience certain tightness around your jaws when wearing clear aligners as they are meant to “force” your teeth to the desired position. Hence, you should inform your orthodontist if they are too tight or loose.

There may be times when extreme irregularities in the dental arch may make it impossible to use clear aligners. In such cases, extractions of some teeth or tooth grinding may be required before starting the aligner treatment.

Invisible braces may also be damaged, deformed, or warped due to incorrect handling, heat exposure, and excessive force upon removal or seating. Hence, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of getting your braces or aligners fixed as soon as possible.

4. Retainers are too tight

Your orthodontic treatment does not end with the completion of your braces treatment. You may have to wear retainers all day, for a certain period of time, to help ensure that your teeth stay in their new position. While they can be a little tight and uncomfortable in the initial period, your teeth and surrounding gum will eventually adapt to their new positions.

However, any unexpected shifts in the position of your teeth can result in your retainers not fitting adequately. If the tightness persists even after a while, you should consult your orthodontist to get the problem checked and treated.


We cannot emphasise enough the importance of avoiding sticky and hard food when undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces, especially if you are wearing metal or ceramic ones. With Invisalign, it is imperative that you remove them when eating so as to protect them from unnecessary damage. At the end of the day, it is vital to follow your orthodontist’s instructions to ensure the success of your treatment.

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