5 Common Causes Of Orthodontic Relapse You Must Be Aware Of

5 Common Causes Of Orthodontic Relapse You Must Be Aware Of

A lot of individuals get orthodontic treatment to help correct an improper bite or the positioning of their teeth. Orthodontics in Singapore is usually sought for cosmetic reasons, such as to help enhance one’s appearance, but it can also be employed to improve oral functions, prevent traumatic injury, and make teeth easier to clean.

The duration of orthodontic treatment can place limitations on a person’s diet and activities, which is why most brace wearers feel relieved when their orthodontists finally take their braces off.

However, sometimes, orthodontic relapse can occur. Orthodontic relapse is basically a situation in which your teeth gradually shift back towards their original position, and  the problems from your original malocclusion recur after you have had your braces taken off. Here are some of the most common reasons why an orthodontic relapse happens.

1. Incomplete orthodontic treatment

A common reason for a lot of orthodontic relapse cases is incomplete treatment. This basically means that the patients opt to stop their treatment before their orthodontic issues have been completely addressed.

There are numerous possible reasons behind this. It may be because they have moved to another city or country, have a low pain tolerance, or are unable to get financial support for the cost of metal, ceramic, or Invisalign braces treatment in Singapore. No matter what the reason is, an incomplete treatment will always yield disappointing results.

2. Lack of compliance on the patient’s part

Many patients do not always follow the instructions given to them by their orthodontists. Ranging from eating prohibited foods and having poor oral hygiene to missing appointments, a lot of patients do not realise that their actions contribute to the results they do not wish to see.

If you want to achieve the best results for your teeth, you should always comply with the instructions of your orthodontist and follow the essential do’s and don’ts of wearing braces and retainers. If these are ignored, it can lead to disappointing results or take you a long time to complete your treatment. Not wearing your retainers faithfully can result in gaps re-opening or teeth going crooked. Retainers help to keep the teeth in position and prevent unwanted relapse.

3. No time for the teeth to adjust

A lot of patients want fast results. Due to the pressure they put on their orthodontists, there is a possibility for the treatment process to end up being compressed into several months fewer than necessary. However, take note that taking the faster route does not guarantee optimal results. Your teeth need time to adjust and settle into their proper positions. The bone surrounding the teeth needs time to reorganise and heal as the teeth  move.

4. Not going for follow-up checkups

If you wish to achieve your desired outcome for your teeth, you need to be committed to your orthodontic treatment. This means that you should always monitor the progress of your treatment and show up for all of your orthodontic appointments, even for retainer checks.

Take note that there are several possible changes in your teeth and gums that can directly impact the outcome of your treatment. If you do not monitor or make follow-up checks, your problem may not be properly addressed and may result in a relapse in the long run.

5. Continuous bad oral habits

Smoking, eating hard or sticky foods, sucking on candies, teeth grinding, and missing dental appointments – are some of the habits that may seem harmless but can actually have massive adverse impacts on your orthodontic treatment.

Having bad oral habits and poor regard for your oral health can essentially affect the alignment of your teeth since gum infection can result in loose teeth, and even tooth loss. If you want to have straighter teeth in the end, you need to start dropping all your bad oral habits right away.


Overall, following what your orthodontist tells you, showing up for all your dental checkups, being diligent, and practising good oral habits are important to make sure that you will not experience an orthodontic relapse in the future.

Although it can really take some time before you achieve the great smile you have been dreaming of, this should not cause you to feel discouraged and disheartened. By following the advice of your trusted orthodontist, it will surely be all worth the time and effort in the end.

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