Benefits of Braces Other Than Straighter Teeth

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For the sake of appearance, many people have been having braces so that they are able to obtain straighter teeth. There’s a wide range of braces instalment plans in Singapore that local orthodontic clinics offer, from the most traditional type that many know about, metal braces, to more modern kinds like lingual braces and Invisalign braces. Though the cost of Invisalign braces in Singapore is not cheap, it is still a popular braces type among many kids and adults who require braces. However, there are other advantages that braces provide.

Braces do not only make you look better, but they are also necessary for those with orthodontic problems. Besides these good points that many already know about, there are also plenty of other benefits that braces offer other than just straighter teeth.

Helps to Fight Off Bone Erosion

Bone erosion can potentially occur when you have large gaps between your teeth or in cases when tartar or plaque starts to build up between your teeth and along the gum line. Over a prolonged period, the gum will start to swell and bleed, and in worst case scenarios, cause you to lose your tooth as well. Chronic inflammation, if unchecked, may cause the gums to erode. Bone erosion may also occur when there is extreme displacement of teeth and bad bite due to tooth misalignment.

Aids in Digestion

Chewing food can be hard when you have misaligned teeth or a pressing orthodontic problem. When chewing your food already becomes an issue for you, digesting it will become another troubling problem as having teeth that are out of alignment will impede your digestion. The teeth are designed in such a way that they fit or occlude against each other, mashing food together to make it easier for the body to digest the food that it takes in. Braces help in the alignment of the teeth to make it easier for us to chew our food, resulting in better digestion.

Helps with Speech Difficulties

Having teeth that are out of alignment can be detrimental to your speaking patterns. Having malaligned teeth will cause the placement of the tip of the tongue to be affected and this will affect the proper formation of sounds like the ‘th’ or ‘s’ sounds. Those with underbites or open bites are some examples of patients who experience speech difficulty as the jaw hangs out of alignment, making it difficult for the tongue to produce the correct noise as it is pressing against the teeth. An excellent way of correcting this type of speech issue is through the help of braces which can also reduce word slurring by aligning the jaw or teeth.

Improves Overall Oral Health

Braces help to align your teeth if they are crowded together or crooked; this means that it will be easier to clean them through brushing or flossing as well as lead to healthier gums. Having crowded teeth will make it harder for you to clean your teeth properly, resulting in plaque and bacteria being built up in between your teeth. Once you install braces and get treated, your teeth will be properly separated and be in proper alignment, making it easier for one to clean the biting surfaces and sides of the teeth.

Braces are amazing for many reasons, not just because of how it is able to straighten one’s teeth. There are many benefits for dental patients of all ages with orthodontic problems, including those who don’t have any serious dental issues but are interested in getting braces. Schedule an appointment with a good orthodontist in Singapore for the best results when you decide to get your braces.