Complications Associated With Poorly Maintained Braces

Orthodontic braces, in general, are excellent in rectifying most tooth alignment issues, given the materials that they are made of and the duration of treatment.

Regardless of whether you are using clear braces or metal braces in Singapore, you have to take care of them as advised by your dental practitioner to ensure that they stay effective. Braces cannot do their job without some effort on your part.

If you take care of your braces well, you will be able to maintain their physical properties and avoid some of the common dental complications associated with ill-maintained braces. However, what exactly are these complications?


If you don’t treat your oral hygiene routine seriously or neglect it regularly, you can develop cavities easily, more so than those who don’t wear braces at all.

After all, in addition to the spaces between the teeth, braces present a lot of nooks and crevices where bacterial plaque or food particles can get stuck – if you leave them there long enough, bacteria can start to adhere, multiply, and eventually destroy the enamel by producing acids from digesting sugars.

When dental cares start to develop around the brackets, the individual brackets can also loosen or completely detach from your teeth. Because you would need to return to the dentist to readjust the braces, it will delay the duration of your treatment

However, even if your brackets manage to stay attached, you could end up with a mouthful of cavities by the time you have them removed. Don’t let dental caries become another teeth issue – on top of your crooked or misaligned teeth.


If you have stale food lingering between your teeth and the archwire of your braces, you’ll emit a foul odour from your mouth when you speak. In most cases, bad breath stems from a problem in a person’s stomach. However, if you don’t care for your braces properly, your bad breath problem will start right in your mouth.

Ultimately, having bad breath from not taking care of your braces will turn your friends and family off. Sure, they might not let you know right away, but you can notice this in the subtle looks on their faces when you start to speak or interact with them.

Even if you’re not a person who socialises a lot, you need to take care of your braces to ensure the braces can do their job and your teeth get the proper treatment they need.

Receding gums

This occurs when your gums start to shrink, exposing more of your teeth. When gums begin to recede, it’s usually caused by various factors, such as brushing your teeth too harshly and physiological changes associated with aging. However, one common culprit contributing to a receding gum line is poor oral hygiene.

Sure, having poor oral hygiene is bad enough. However, if you add dirty braces on top of it? It means bacteria have more places to thrive in your mouth and wreak havoc. When bacteria start to populate and accumulate in your mouth, they eventually destroy your tooth enamel and gums.

A receding gum line is a serious issue because without the firm support provided by your gums, your teeth are more prone to getting displaced when braces pull on them too hard.


Just like regularly maintaining your oral hygiene, the importance of maintaining your braces cannot be stressed enough. It helps to make sure that your teeth are clean and that the effectiveness of your braces are preserved, whether it’s metal or ceramic braces. Usually, the dentist that has installed the braces will advise you on how to take proper care, so be sure to listen and take notes.

However, should you need any further consultation in dental care relating to braces or otherwise, BigSmile Dental is here to lend a helping hand. As an established clinic specialising in orthodontics in Singapore, we know braces care like the back of our hands. If you have any questions relating to braces or dental care, book a consultation with us today.