Debunking Common Myths About Orthodontic Treatments

Debunking Common Myths About Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatment, specifically braces, is a reliable solution if one has a problem with his or her smile. However, not everyone smiles at that thought because of the things they might have seen and heard about them both in popular media and by word of mouth.

It’s easy to let your fear of orthodontic treatment get ahead of you by assuming the worst of it. Coupled with the common misconceptions you may have heard about, you may have more reasons to endure carrying a less-than-stellar smile than to get brackets attached to your teeth.

To help you get past the hesitation and start getting the smile you deserve, allow us to identify and clarify the misconceptions.

1. Braces aren’t for adults

Although most people who wear them do belong in the younger age group, the truth is that the best age to get the braces is under that age group. It doesn’t mean you are not able to get them when you’re an adult.

Whether you’re past your twenties or nearing middle age, the fact remains that getting braces, and any orthodontic treatment for that matter, is something that no one will ever be too old for.

Whether it’s just a simple case of wanting better-looking teeth, or something worse like a dead tooth, cavities, crooked teeth, or excessive overbite, seeking dental care is a must no matter one’s age.

2. Braces catch a lot of unwanted attention

Aside from the idea that braces aren’t for adults, people shy away from wearing them because they think people’s eyes will instantly gravitate towards their teeth. This is understandable because when you’re already self-conscious about your smile, you don’t want to draw more attention to them.

Yes, braces can indeed draw attention to your teeth. However, because of modern innovation in orthodontic treatment, you no longer have to worry about your treatment being noticeable!

One such innovation that keeps your braces virtually invisible is lingual braces. Known as invisible braces in Singapore, these braces have gained much traction over recent years since they are installed at the back of your teeth.  However, if you want to be able to remove the braces, opting for Invisalign is the best option.

3. Wearing braces is going to hurt

We understand that most people share this sentiment about braces because of how they worked in the past. However, modern ones today now function in a way that significantly mitigates pain and discomfort, by using gentler forces.

That’s not to say that braces won’t cause any discomfort because it will always happen at first when your mouth needs to adjust to the new appliance and when the teeth and gums get adjusted to the right positions.

There will be some slight discomfort in the first few days of getting braces, but they’re far from being painful, as you may have heard. Moreover, dental wax can quickly alleviate the discomfort of sharp edges, and over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen or Panadol are more than enough to fix more severe cases.

4. You can’t eat apples when you have braces

This is a misconception that most people have – wearing braces means forgoing all of one’s favourite treats. However, that is not necessarily true. Braces wearers can consume apples & pears if they slice them up into smaller pieces for consumption.

Just as no one should eat sugar in excessive amounts, braces wearers should also further limit their consumption of sweets so that they wouldn’t develop more oral and general health problems.

Also, it’s best to stay clear from hard candy & crunching ice cubes as they can potentially break your braces. Lastly, as a rule of thumb, always brush your teeth and clean your braces thoroughly after eating or drinking anything that satisfies your sweet tooth.

5. Braces are expensive

Most people assume that orthodontic treatment is expensive and that those who can afford to get braces and other orthodontic treatments have to be wealthy, which is far from the truth. In fact the cost depends on the type of braces you choose, and other additional options that you choose to have.

Most dentists would try to tailor an affordable option for their patients’ needs. Moreover, we at BigSmile Dental Clinic are dedicated to ensuring that you get the treatment that you need while keeping the price reasonable and affordable.

Whether you need general dental care or more specialized treatment like traditional metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign braces in Singapore, we’re always here to help you out. Give us a call today at +65 6734 0007 to book an appointment.