Invisalign: The Factors That Affect Invisible Braces Costs

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Invisalign is the popular contemporary option for people, especially adults when they consider corrective orthodontic treatments. Gone are the days when the only option for braces is stainless steel metal braces; with the advent of advanced technology incorporated into dental procedures, invisible braces have become the go-to choice.

A common misconception of Invisalign is that only the braces itself are expensive. This is partly true as the end product is often what the patients pay for, but there are a variety of factors involved in the process of creating these custom invisible braces. It is imperative to know which processes you’re paying for and how much specifically, as it is financially important to plan for this considerably lengthy treatment.

In this article, we’ll highlight to you the main and essential factors involved in calculating Invisalign costs in Singapore.

Complexity of Correction

Different levels of corrective procedure needed are one of the main reasons when considering Invisalign costs. If your treatment requires a longer time to straighten the teeth fully, it means more visits are needed periodically to change the aligner trays.

However, it is a cheaper treatment option if the teeth only need minor adjustments and fewer visits to be straight. Most dentists or specialised orthodontists will discuss an estimated number of visits that you need during your initial consultation, including a quote of the invisible braces costs in Singapore.

Pre-Treatment & Aftercare

Another factor that affects costs are the minor procedures before and after treatment. These can include dental X-rays, adjustments of bites, and bite guards if necessary. In addition, post-treatment aftercare comprises having retainers which are used to maintain the teeth’s alignment, so that they won’t relapse into their original positions.

These are all dependent on each individual, so costs may differ. However, in general, most of these treatments are necessary steps taken before the treatment starts, and as aftercare, once it is over.

Outsourced Lab Fees

Many dental clinics work with external dental labs to craft orthodontic appliances, including aligners. The complexity of cases affects how much expertise and materials are needed to create the custom appliances. Complicated cases require extra steps to be taken, including complex manipulation, thereby incurring extra lab fees. Subsequently, the patient will be charged more for the appliance too. In some cases, the extra fees or charges are waived or subsidized by the clinic.

Invisalign costs in Singapore may not be cheaper if you visit a clinic that does not specialise in doing Invisalign cases. A specialist clinic with long experience in orthodontics may have a smoother workflow and may take a shorter time to complete consultations and plan treatment. If procedures run smoothly, your overall treatment might take a shorter time to complete.


If you’re concerned about braces costs in Singapore, especially Invisalign, hopefully, this article has shed some light on the processes and costs involved and helped you prepare better for the kind of treatment and payment plan that suits your preference.