The Different Parts Of Metal Braces And What They Are For

The Different Parts Of Metal Braces And What They Are For

If you’re about to get braces attached, it is normal for you to be intimidated because it’s a new addition to your life. While the benefits of braces are well-known, the different parts of metal braces and purposes they serve might not be as clear.

However, knowing the different parts of braces and how they work can help you understand the importance of maintaining the braces.

In most situations, traditional metal braces will consist of three main parts:


These are the individual metal pieces that are bonded directly to each of your teeth. Brackets are attached using special glue that dries up instantly using a dental curing light thanks to modern technology and can easily be removed when necessary.

Metal brackets are made of stainless steel, so if you’re worried about them rusting on your teeth, you’ll be glad to know that your smile will be rust-free. As for its purpose, brackets serve to hold the archwire in place.


This part is made out of metal and goes across your teeth and the brackets themselves. Depending on your needs, the wire will differ in thickness but will always curve around your teeth to apply pressure which will ultimately align your teeth into their appropriate position. When gaps are being closed, teeth will slide along the archwire like a track.

Elastic ligatures

If you’ve seen “coloured” braces, this is the part that you probably saw. Elastic or elastomeric ligatures look like small rubber bands that anchor the archwire into the grooves of the brackets, and they are replaced every month or so. If you’re wondering what’s the fun part of wearing braces, it’s getting to pick what colours your elastic ligatures will be because they come in multiple fun colours.

Depending on your teeth, your metal braces might come with additional parts, such as the following:

Elastic rubber bands

Not to be confused with elastomeric ligatures, elastic rubber bands help move the teeth into place on schedule and almost always come in pairs. These elastics are attached from brackets on the upper teeth to the ones on the lower teeth.

Coiled Springs

Unlike elastic rubber bands, helical coil springs are generally attached to the archwire instead of the brackets. These springs help either push or pull the teeth into their appropriate position and create or close spaces between your teeth.


Each part of the braces plays an important role in fixing your teeth issues, so it’s best to be careful while taking care of them. That is why most orthodontists will tell you the best ways to take care of your braces. If one of the parts breaks, it may affect your braces treatment. Moreover, you may very well be pushing back the duration of treatment beyond the expected period.

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