The Secrets To Maintaining Your Metal Braces In Top Condition

The Secrets To Maintaining Your Metal Braces In Top Condition

If you have recently got braces, congratulations – you are one step away from getting your best smile! Braces treatments, particularly metal braces, are very effective in rectifying common dental issues. However, to get the best results, you have to put in the effort into taking care of them appropriately.

Likely, your dentist has already oriented you on what you should do to maintain the condition of your braces, such as brushing your teeth religiously. But here are some additional tips and tricks to keep them in tip-top condition!

Augment your toothbrushing efforts with other methods

People who don’t wear braces are recommended to floss regularly so as to remove any stubborn food particles that get stuck in between their teeth. Sure, flossing can indeed be a lot trickier if you wear braces because the wires get in the way, but it is also for this reason that you should floss more often – food is more likely to get stuck such as around the brackets or between the teeth.

Pro-tip: use a waxed floss instead, as an unwaxed one is more likely to snag on your braces.

On top of frequent flossing, you should also use a mouthwash to prevent any plaque and bacteria buildup that can compromise the quality of your braces and cause tooth decay.

Be mindful of the things you put in your mouth

People who wear braces need to look out and be more mindful of any biting or chewing on something such as a pencil. Doing so can break the bond between your teeth and the brackets attached.

The same tip also goes for foods that you eat – avoid biting into anything that can dislodge your braces, such as apples, hard nuts, jawbreakers, etc. It is advisable to avoid hard foods for a couple of obvious reasons – they can damage your braces and be tricky to remove if they ever get stuck.

Visit your dentist regularly

Maintaining a regular dentist appointment – preferably at the prescribed frequency – is ideal in ensuring your braces’ effectiveness is maintained. More often than not, orthodontic appointments are scheduled on a monthly basis to adjust what needs to be changed and fix any problems that might have occurred.

If you fail to visit your dentist regularly, you also miss out on re-adjusting your braces which can extend the duration of the treatment unnecessarily. If you have incurred some damage to your braces, this can slow down your progress, so make sure you are timely with your appointments!


It’s no secret that braces are effective in correcting all kinds of teeth misalignment issues. However, to make sure that the treatment is as effective as it should be, you should also do your part in taking good care of them by following your dentist’s recommendations and the tips that we have laid out in this article.

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