Why Straight Teeth Is More Than Just Cosmetic & Aesthetic

Why Straight Teeth Is More Than Just Cosmetic & Aesthetic

One of the first things you notice about people you meet is the way they smile. When someone has a beautiful, straight and attractive smile, it is hard not to miss it. An individual with straight, pearly white teeth seems to appear more vibrant, happier, and healthier.

In fact, studies have shown that straight teeth contribute to health, emotional, and social benefits, demonstrating that there is more to them than just cosmetic and aesthetic benefits. Discover some of the key benefits of Invisalign and braces.

Social benefits of orthodontic treatment

The truth is that we are all judged by the way we look, and people often make passing judgements based on our appearance. This does not mean that we have to look like supermodels in order to move forward in life. However, appearing healthy and polished does play a part in our social interactions, dating life, and career.

In our daily encounters, one of the first things people take note of is our smile, and it is one of the things that people remember us by. Studies have shown that individuals with attractive smiles are perceived to be more intelligent and more successful in their careers. The bottom line is that attractive smiles are able to create a strong impression, and that is why many suffering from misaligned teeth are willing to pay the cost of Invisalign braces to get that edge.

Straighter teeth reinforce a more confident smile

One of the most important long-term benefits of orthodontic treatment is that it boosts one’s confidence. It often can be detrimental to a child’s development if they are constantly self-conscious about the way they smile, especially if they fear being teased. As such, in order to develop some self-esteem, some people would opt to go for orthodontic treatment, such as with lingual braces or functional appliances. This additional boost in confidence and self-esteem also leads them to perform better in school and develop healthy friendships and relationships with others.

Health benefits of having straight teeth

At the end of the day, orthodontic treatment is not limited to just cosmetic and aesthetic benefits but also several key health benefits, such as:

  • Reduced risk of developing tooth decay: Misaligned teeth pose difficulty in flossing and brushing them properly, resulting in areas where food debris and plaque may get stuck, which eventually can lead to the development of tooth cavities.
  • Healthier gums: When plaque develops along the gum line due to misaligned teeth, it can cause the affected gum to be inflamed. Initially, one will experience red or swollen gums that bleed, which, if left untreated over a long period, can result in periodontitis.
  • Help with TMJ: Sometimes when the teeth in our lower and upper jaws do not align together, causing a displaced bite, it can result in unnecessary stress on the jaw joints, also known as TMJ or temporomandibular joint. With orthodontic treatment, you can achieve a better bite and reduce strain on the TMJ.
  • Improved oral functions: Orthodontic treatment such as myofunctional therapy can help to enhance your teeth and jaw function, enabling you to chew better, breathe more freely, and swallow more correctly. Additionally, you are also able to consume a diverse diet, which affects your overall health. With aligned jaws, you are also able to have a more open airway, which helps with sleep apnea and snoring.


So, does having straight teeth matter? Yes, it does. And if you are ready to boost your dental health, overall appearance, and confidence level, then look no further than BigSmile Dental Clinic. Our team of friendly and experienced staff is more than eager to answer all your queries to help you make the best decision. Find out more at https://www.bigsmile.com.sg/.