A Guide on How Age is Related to Dental Braces

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The first image that comes to mind when we hear the word “braces” is normally of a young teenager with metal braces that look clunky and uncomfortable. While this may have been true in the past, technological advancements in corrective dental appliances have allowed scientists to develop and produce braces that are more comfortable and pleasant-looking than before, suitable for everyone, no matter their age.

A good orthodontist in Singapore may recommend various types of dental braces for young, first-time patients, ranging from the reliable metal braces to the more favoured ceramic braces. Suitable adult patients may even have the option to choose more expensive treatments like the Invisalign braces.

However, a few common questions that are often asked by keen patients looking to undergo orthodontic treatment is, “what is the ideal age for dental braces?” and “Is there an age limit for dental braces?”

Well, in this article, we’ll help shed some light on these frequently asked questions.

Knowing the Perfect Age for Braces

Kids are often the demographic segment that requires dental braces. This is because their mouths are continually changing while they grow and mature. Jaws may lengthen, and the area inside their mouths starts to expand. During this process, they may also begin to lose their baby teeth while their permanent teeth begin to erupt. Most parents choose this period of time to bring their children for a consultation with a reputable and good orthodontist in Singapore to see if they need braces.

As everyone’s physiology is different, we grow at different rates; therefore, there is no definite age for when a child should visit the orthodontist. In fact, many orthodontists have stated that the best time to consult them is when the permanent teeth begin to appear in the mouth. The age range for this could be from six to ten years old.

The Age Limit for Dental Braces

A lot of adults have wondered if it is too late for them to get braces as they are no longer in their teenage years. While it’s true that childhood is the best time for corrective orthodontic procedures, the good news for adults is that it’s never too late to get dental braces should they need it!

Be it conventional metal braces, ceramic braces, and also Invisalign braces in Singapore, the options are plenty to choose from. Most often, adults who are suitable candidates for braces will only have to worry about the cost of the treatment, as braces cost in Singapore can differ greatly for each type of braces and depending on the severity of the case.

The Difference Between Braces for Kids & Adults

People may think that there are major differences between braces for kids and adults, but that’s not accurate. Braces are largely similar regardless of what age the patient is, and each set of braces is crafted to fit each patient’s mouth specifically. So, technically, all braces are customised according to the patient’s mouth space, teeth condition, and teeth size.

A significant difference in orthodontic treatment between adults and children, however, is the social and psychological reactions. Children may have a range of emotions; some may be excited because they think it’s a rite-of-passage to becoming teenagers, but some may feel anxious about it because of the fear of discomfort and how they may look. An effective way to manage these reactions is for both the parents and orthodontist to help them set a clear and healthy expectation of wearing braces.