Aftercare Tips for Managing Orthodontic Braces

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Getting that picture-perfect smile is the ultimate goal for having braces, but getting there can be a daunting process to many. Wearing braces requires a high level of dedication and patience, as there are oral hygiene habits that must be inculcated into cleaning your newly-braced teeth.

Regardless of the cost of braces in Singapore, embracing these habits will not only ensure the success of the treatment, but also guarantee that your overall braces cost remains affordable. Remember that the best orthodontist in Singapore can only advise and treat you to an extent; managing the aftercare of your braces falls mostly on yourself. In this article, we share certain tips to prevent any unwanted oral incidences.

Practise Excellent Oral Hygiene

While it is mandatory to practise good oral hygiene on a daily basis, it is especially important when you have braces. Brushing and flossing your teeth should no longer be limited to when you’re taking showers, as it would be beneficial to do them after every meal. In this way, you’re eliminating the food particles that may get stuck between the ceramic braces after eating, and therefore, reducing the potential risk of tooth decay and inflammation due to improper hygiene.

However, it may be difficult to clean certain types of braces, like lingual braces. To supplement the regular toothbrush and dental floss, a good orthodontist in Singapore would also recommend you additional cleaning tools like interdental brushes and non-acidic mouthwash. You may also consider getting removable clear braces which cost more, but are generally easier to clean. Check Invisalign prices in Singapore with your Orthodontist.

Abstaining from Sticky Sugary Foods

A majority of Singapore orthodontists would tell you to avoid sugary foods like candy and ice-cream, because these sticky foods have a tendency to cling to your teeth and make it generally harder to clean. Because of this, the occurrence of cavities and gum disease increases in people who don’t abstain from them while wearing braces. Keep in mind that if you do consume these foods, be sure to pay extra attention to every inch of your braces and teeth, especially the interdental and back areas.

Additionally, using an oral irrigator can help to remove sticky particles that are lodged in between the surfaces of your teeth. Not eating sticky foods may be the best preventive care, but being equally diligent during cleaning after indulging in them is a good way to deter caries and gum disease, and prevent staining of your teeth.

Managing Pain

A common misconception about braces is that they cause intolerable pain for the entire duration of the treatment. While braces may cause a small amount of discomfort and soreness, more often than not, it’s a pain that can be managed and relieved quickly. There are a few methods of managing pain:

  • Medication: Conventional painkillers that can be bought over-the-counter are usually suggested to relieve mild to medium levels of pain. Consume according to the advised dosages and consult a doctor for stronger ones if pain persists or escalates.
  • Cold-Compression: Using ice packs or cold-compression pads are also recommended, as braces pain normally mean an area is swollen or inflamed. Hold and press the icepack against the area for a short time until the pain subsides.
  • Ointments and Anaesthetics: Normally used for sores or ulcers caused by braces, these are alternative methods to curb pain. Apply medicated gels like Orajel or Bonjela to affected areas for relief, and some good orthodontists might also prescribe topical anaesthesia that can be applied to ease the pain.

To conclude, aftercare and management of your braces is highly important, and depends almost entirely on you. How much braces cost is normally clear-cut, but how much additional fees you’d have to invest in because of dental issues, can be mitigated and reduced with these tips. Preferably, you would want to keep costs affordable, regardless of braces type, be it traditional ceramic braces cost, or invisible braces cost in Singapore.