Braces or Invisalign: Which is Better?

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Several orthodontists in Singapore recommend teeth straightening as a procedure to improve your smile and overall oral health. You could be weighing between braces and Invisalign, and you might have an avalanche of questions. Which is more pocket-friendly? Which one is more effective? Which one will be more comfortable for you? Eventually, you’ll need to choose a solution that works for you.

So, braces or Invisalign: which is better?

The Basics

Both braces and Invisalign are successful therapies for orthodontic care in Singapore. Whereas braces are the more traditional approach, Invisalign, which was first used by patients in 2000, is more discreet and uses modern technology to image and align your teeth.


Braces, whether metallic braces, clear braces or ceramic braces, can be designed to match your enamel and are cheaper. The cost of braces ranges between S$3500 to S$6,500 with ceramic braces topping the list. Although there are instances where the cost of braces can go as low as S$2,000 or even higher than S$10,000, it all depends on where you get your orthodontic care in Singapore and the type of braces you select.

Invisalign treatment, on the other hand, costs anywhere in the range of S$8,000 and S$9,500. Some orthodontists in Singapore give lower quotes, as low as S$6,500. However, closer scrutiny of their quotes often reveals other unmentioned costs such as lab fees or pre and post-treatment care.


Braces stand out, regardless of how close to your enamel they may seem to be, and are visible. They may also be some pain, discomfort or sores due to the wire or tooth movements. You may also have challenges chewing certain types of foods and braces are not recommended for people who play rough contact sports, unless they wear a mouthguard.

Invisalign, on the other hand, almost invisible and has no issue of discomfort from wires. They are designed using 3D imaging and use high-tech methods to fit and correct your mouth. However, you will have to remember to remove them before eating anything and remember to brush your teeth after every meal to avoid staining. Invisalign can be worn by people playing rough contact sports and wearers may experience only slight discomfort that fades with regular use.


Invisible braces are popular in Singapore because they are not removable. Thus they don’t require the user to adopt new disciplines. Users don’t feel the temptation to leave them out.

Braces are more effective for more complex cases. They apply pressure on the teeth all the time, unlike removable aligners; hence they tend to work faster. Users of removable aligners sometimes leave them out of the mouth and forget to put them back inside, losing precious time for making the required tooth movements. Braces are popular in Singapore because they are reliable, effective & economical. They may be well-camouflaged like ceramic braces, or completely invisible lingual braces bonded to the back surfaces of the teeth.

Invisalign may be as effective as braces in some cases, but they are not ideal for patients who require rotational movements, extrusive movements, and in patients who lack the discipline to wear them at least 22hrs/day.

Both braces and Invisalign help to align your teeth even though the way they operate is different and the technology involved is not the same.

What works for you will depend on how disciplined you are, your teeth configuration and your individual preferences.