Clear vs Ceramic Braces

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A beautiful smile gives the impression to those around you that you’re confident, attractive and intelligent. On the other hand, misaligned teeth and a poor smile are associated with poor hygiene and low self-confidence. There are numerous findings that show the interconnection between a beautiful smile and myriad health, social and career advantages.

More and more adults are increasingly looking to improve their smiles by turning to braces designed for adults. When we hear the term ‘braces’, the image that quickly comes to mind is that of inter-connected metal wires and brackets that hold the teeth. However, today’s technology produces much less invasive and pretty aesthetic braces. In this case, more and more people are turning to clear or ceramic braces. Read on for more insight.

What’s the difference between clear and ceramic braces?

When ceramic braces in Singapore were launched to the public, they were white or tooth-coloured in appearance. Developments in material science later resulted in the production of brackets that were clear as glass; they were referred to as clear braces. This is because they were less noticeable compared to their metal counterparts. The ceramic material used to create ceramic brackets is designed to be either crystal clear or to correspond to the colour of your natural teeth, thus disguising them. In fact, the best attribute about ceramic braces, whether tooth-coloured or crystal clear, is that they guarantee a more aesthetic appeal.

The orthodontic treatment procedure to install ceramic or metal braces onto your crooked or displaced teeth is the same. Essentially, the brackets are attached onto your teeth and then joined by an archwire that exerts pressure on the teeth, gently forcing them towards correct alignment. Just like metal braces, you need to get your clear braces adjusted after a month or so.

Let’s look at the advantages of ceramic braces.

  1. Durability
    Ceramic is a high-quality material, and this bestows ceramic braces their hardness and sense of durability. The clear brackets remain bonded to your teeth especially when bonded via plasma lighting. Furthermore, ceramic braces do not chip or break if care is taken.
  2. Unobtrusive
    The people around you won’t notice that you’re wearing braces. If you have radiant white teeth, opt for translucent braces. On the other hand, if you have non-white teeth, consider going for ceramic braces that can blend perfectly with the existing colour of your teeth.
  3. Non-staining
    Ceramic brackets are highly polished and, because of special surface treatment during their manufacture, not pick up stains so easily.
  4. Better comfort
    Generally, ceramics boast of a smooth feel. Sharp corners and edges are rounded up during the fabrication of these brackets, so that they do not scratch your cheeks or gums when bonded onto your teeth.
  5. Quick results
    Everyone wants faster results, and this is what ceramic braces aim to deliver, as far as teeth alignment is concerned. You can get straighter teeth in the shortest time possible permitted by your own physiology when you opt for clear or ceramic braces.


Similar to traditional braces, you should keep your clear braces as clean as possible. Routine brushing and flossing is recommended every day. Make sure you brush in between the brackets to remove any food particles that are stuck there; food particles not removed regularly could give rise to stains.

Value for money?

Since ceramic braces are part of the latest advances in orthodontic treatment, they cost more than traditional metal braces. Looking at the benefits you get in return, it’s clear that these braces are worth it. For instance, you get a less noticeable teeth alignment appliance. Moreover, clear braces can treat many difficult dental problems that Invisalign and metal braces cannot, particularly in cases where complexity is combined with aesthetic concerns.

These include:

  • Severe malocclusions
  • Severe Crossbites
  • Extremely crooked teeth


Whether clear or coloured, ceramic braces are at present a viable option for the health-conscious adult, adolescent or child who wants a properly aligned set of teeth and jaws without necessarily using traditional metal braces. Visit an orthodontist in Singapore who specialises in professional dental treatment. They will explain to you in-depth about the benefits and costs of ceramic braces. Don’t miss out.