Dispelling 4 Common Myths Surrounding The Braces Treatment

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Today, braces have come a long way from being the simple metal braces that we are familiar with. Orthodontics has made significant progress in aiding people to straighten out their teeth by offering a wider selection of treatments to cater to a variety of individuals.

However, despite these positive developments, many myths surrounding braces remain to this day. This article aims to set the line straight between fact and fiction and debunk some of the common myths about getting braces.

1. Braces are no longer viable if you are an adult

There’s no rule that indicates you’re too old to get braces. Be it children or adults, everyone requires a good set of healthy and strong teeth for both practical and cosmetic purposes.

However, since an adult’s body is already fully developed, getting orthodontic treatment may require more time since tooth movement at such ages tends to slow down. Nonetheless, whatever the dental issue may be, braces are valuable in resolving them regardless of the patient’s age.

2. Veneers are superior to braces

Although veneers may achieve the same objective as braces do to give you a perfect and white smile, their processes differ significantly, and there are compromises. Veneers work by disguising damaged or discoloured teeth, typically removing a small part of your natural teeth for better results. However, if your teeth are naturally crooked or misaligned somehow, braces are the only option to attain a naturally perfect smile that will last a lifetime.

3. Braces look unattractive and will always be uncomfortable

Gone are the days when braces were just made of metal and noticeable at a glance. Nowadays, more discreet treatment options are available that allow them to be virtually invisible, such as ceramic braces and Invisalign braces in Singapore.

And in regards to comfort, there will always be a bit of an adjustment period no matter which option you go for. Your mouth is naturally sensitive, to begin with, and no matter how smooth a dental appliance is, you will feel off about it in the first couple of days. However, this should never reach the point of intolerable discomfort. The good news is that after several days, you’ll quickly adjust to their presence, and any discomfort will fade away in no time.

4. Teeth will remain straight after the braces are removed

Although braces work effectively to get your teeth to move towards the perfect alignment, they naturally tend to move and slowly return to their original position, hence the need to use retainers for better results. The retainers’ sole purpose is to prevent the loss of progress made from the treatment, and it usually takes at least another four to six months before the position of your teeth post-treatment finally becomes settled for good.


These are some of the most common myths surrounding treatment with braces, and if you hear a few more out in the wild, you can expect them to be false, just like the ones debunked in this article.

Wearing braces is a proven method that guarantees everyone the teeth they desire, and no matter which treatment option you choose, the result will certainly meet most of your expectations. If you are considering getting braces, make sure to consult an experienced orthodontist to know more about how much metal braces cost and explore other suitable treatments.