Effective Methods on Managing and Caring for Dental Braces

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Orthodontic braces are an expensive investment for a lot of people. Because of this, it’s often advised by good orthodontists in Singapore that the aftercare and management of braces be followed and practised correctly every day. This is so that you can complete your treatment smoothly without any significant complications.

Below, we’ll share some essential tips on managing your dental braces, be they metal braces, clear braces, or ceramic braces in Singapore.

Incorporate Disciplined Dental Hygiene

While it’s important to have good dental hygiene even without braces, it becomes even more crucial to practise consistent and meticulous dental hygiene when you have braces. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly may also become a challenge as the braces may obstruct you from cleaning certain areas well.

To mitigate this issue, it’s recommended that you brush your teeth after every meal to minimise the chances of food particles getting stuck or left uncleaned. Brush in circular motions while paying attention to interdental areas, under the gums, and also in the brackets of the braces. Additionally, you can also use antiseptic mouthwash as an additional protection.

Taking additional preventive care for your dental hygiene will stop decays or gum inflammations from building up while wearing braces.

Eliminating Problematic Foods

 Every good orthodontist in Singapore will tell you that when you’re wearing braces, you have to stop eating certain problematic foods that can and will cause issues during the treatment process. Sticky and high-sugar foods such as gum, candy, nougat, and many more. These foods are difficult to clean as they tend to stick to the teeth and braces, leading to cavities and gum diseases.

Hard foods are also a significant issue. Foods like popcorn or nuts require a lot of crunching which may cause damage to the ceramic braces. Damaged braces can lead to delays in your treatment, and it can even lead to an increase in your ceramic braces cost in Singapore as you will need to have broken brackets replaced if the damage is too extensive.

Pain Management While Wearing Braces 

Pain or discomfort is a frequent complaint among patients wearing braces. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the deterring factors that contribute to people avoiding the braces treatment that they need. The causes of it can be because of the tightness of the wires or the chafing of the loose archwires inside the mouth.

However, there are effective ways to help ease the discomfort and pain. Aside from OTC painkillers, your orthodontists can also prescribe an analgesic gel that helps to lubricate and protect the sore areas in your mouth.

Managing Damaged Braces

Sometimes braces may still be damaged even with proper care. The wear and tear that it goes through every day can cause the brackets or wires to break and, in worst case scenarios, hurt your gum. You’ll need to know how to manage them in cases like these.

If your braces break but your teeth are undamaged, you don’t have to make an emergency appointment with your orthodontist. Don’t pull or bend the wires or brackets as it may lead to further damage unless you know how to do it properly. Cover any sharp parts that may be exposed and call your orthodontist to set an appointment at the next earliest slot. In an emergency, you can cut the wire with a wire cutter before sliding it horizontally to remove it, making sure you don’t swallow the loose bits.

On the other hand, if you’ve suffered trauma to the teeth such as injuring yourself in a fall or in sports, it’s necessary for you to visit the Emergency Room immediately. This is to prevent any further damage to your mouth caused by the injury or braces and also prevent any delay to the treatment process.