Key Reasons For Making Lingual Braces Your Preferred Choice

Key Reasons For Making Lingual Braces Your Preferred Choice

Orthodontic technique has evolved significantly over the decade. With technology such as Invisalign and lingual braces, people can now achieve a straighter and more attractive smile easily and more effortlessly.

Unlike their traditional counterparts, lingual braces, also known as invisible braces or hidden braces, is a treatment option where customised braces are installed behind the teeth instead of the front, to optimise aesthetics. They are the ideal orthodontic solution for adults and teens who want to fix their teeth but do not want the obtrusive look of traditional braces.

While they may look aesthetically pleasing due to the fact that they are hidden behind your teeth, they might not be the right treatment for you. Hence, always discuss with your dentist or orthodontist the best-suited dental treatment for your situation. With this in mind, let us dive into the key reasons that lingual braces could be your preferred solution for your smile makeover.

1. They provide the solution to your problem

Braces have been providing positive results for decades, helping individuals achieve a more beautiful smile. Lingual braces are no different as they function the same as traditional braces – They are made up of wires and brackets that apply continuous yet gentle pressure to realign your teeth into the desired position. However, they are not removable like Invisalign braces or retainers.

2. They are discreet

This is probably one of the main reasons why they are a popular option. Lingual braces are installed behind your teeth. Hence, from the front, nobody can see them. If you are afraid you will be self-conscious about the way you will look with traditional braces, then lingual braces would be the best for getting straight teeth in a discreet manner.

3. They utilise state-of-the-art technology

Lingual braces are more high-tech than you think. From start to finish, advanced materials are used in every process to ensure that the braces are customised to solve your specific orthodontic issue.

4. They reduce the risk of tooth decay developing around the braces

Lingual braces, being bonded on the tongue-facing side of your teeth, are exposed to a constant flow of saliva. This greatly reduces the chance of getting tooth decay around the braces, because saliva acts as a good buffer against acids.

There will always be the initial period where you will need to get used to braces of any kind. After all, our mouths are not used to having foreign objects in them, not to speak of having them inside all through the day. With lingual braces, the tongue will adapt to the braces, and pretty soon, your speech will normalise.

5. They are suitable for almost everybody

The keyword is “almost”. Primarily, if your orthodontic issues can be fixed with traditional braces, then lingual braces are similar alternatives. Lingual braces are able to fix an extensive range of orthodontic issues, from minor ones, such as crooked teeth, gaps, and misalignments, to severe ones, such as crossbites, underbites, and overbites. However, there is a small percentage where it might not be the right orthodontic solution for you, for example if you have ceramic or metal crowns, because the brackets would not stick to the crowns as securely. Hence, always discuss with your dentist or orthodontist to find the best-suited solution.


We understand that getting your teeth fixed is a significant commitment involving your finances, lifestyle, and time. With lingual braces, the invisible braces cost anywhere from S$8,000 to S$11,000. They are relatively expensive, especially when compared to the other orthodontic solutions, due to their higher cost of materials as well as the time and skills needed to install and adjust the braces. If this sounds expensive, BigSmile Dental Clinic also offers other affordable options.

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