Orthodontic Myths Busted: What You Should Know

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There are several orthodontic myths. Some are downright ridiculous and funny. Claims such as braces trigger metal detectors and people with braces are more likely to be hit by lightning should only tickle you but don’t believe them.
Below are five orthodontic myths and what you should know.

You Don’t Need to Take Care of Baby’s Teeth.

Many Singaporeans believe that baby’s teeth don’t need as much care as an adult’s. They figure that baby’s teeth will fall off anyway. However, this is not true. Tooth decay can happen at any age. For babies and little children, it will cause discomfort and pain, reason enough to take care of children’s teeth. Also, keeping children’s teeth healthy helps the permanent teeth to sprout correctly when the children get older. Most importantly, the formative years are the best to impart good oral health habits in children. Taking good care of children’s teeth goes a long way in modelling good oral health habits and shapes the practices of their adult lives.

All Braces are Metalic

Traditionally braces are manufactured from metal. However, not all braces are metallic. Moreover, metal braces have improved over the years and are more comfortable and less conspicuous. Traditional metal braces are excellent for complicated orthodontic cases, but, there is a great variety of braces available in Singapore today. You can get clear braces, invisible braces, and even more comfortable lingual braces. If you have a higher budget for orthodontic care, you can opt for ceramic braces or Invisalign in Singapore, all of which are orthodontic services that are hardly noticeable.

If you Don’t Get Braces Before or During Your Teen Years, It’s Too Late

Most people in Singapore get braces in their teenage years. However, orthodontic therapy is not restricted to people under 21. You can improve your smile at any stage or any age of your life. In Singapore, people in their 70’s get braces, improve their smiles and boost their confidence. Moreover, when you are older, you can better afford orthodontic care and it’s an excellent investment in yourself.

I Will Stop Eating My Favourite Foods

With traditional braces, orthodontists recommend avoiding hard foods as well as sticky foods or biting using your front teeth. However, the last advice does not mean that you can’t eat an apple or get a bite of your favourite satay. Just cut the food into smaller pieces and chew using your back teeth. Better still, if you have an Invisalign tray, you can remove them whenever you are eating.

Braces are Too Expensive

While the cost of orthodontic procedures such as braces and Invisalign can seem a bit high but a beautiful smile is invaluable. It boosts your confidence and it has a significant impact on not just your oral health but your social wellness and overall well-being.

To conclude, there are many myths about braces and other orthodontic procedures. Before you buy into any of the stories you may have heard, first check with your dentist or orthodontist if they are facts or myths. While you are at it, find out which orthodontic procedure in Singapore would work for you and give your smile an extra sparkle.