Tips For Picking The Colour Of Your Braces

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Regardless of whether you are an existing patient or new to braces, either way, you will always meet with the same troubling problem when it is time for your appointment with your orthodontist.

And that perplexing problem is choosing the right braces for you.

However, once you sit down and think about it carefully, you will realise that choosing the colour of your braces is not that hard after all.

Consult your orthodontist

The first thing that you can do when you encounter this problem is to simply seek help from your orthodontist or the dental clinic assistants. With their many years of experience, a good orthodontist in Singapore will definitely know the colours that are in-trend. Or better yet, they will be able to choose the exact colour that suits you best.

Nonetheless, if the colour is not to your liking, you can always feel free to look at other options as at the end of the day, the decision does lie with you.

Carefully look at the colour range

You may already have a colour in mind even before you decide to visit a clinic that provides braces instalment such as ceramic braces in Singapore. But there is surely no harm in browsing through a couple of other colours while you are there. After all, there are a lot of colours to choose from as seen from a typical colour palette that will be provided by the orthodontist.

So do not pick a colour on the whim, and look at your colour choices carefully as you may even end up looking amazing with a colour that you have never considered before.

Select colours based on your skin tone

Picking the right colour according to your skin tone is a great start to making your list of choices. If you happen to be an autumn person, then you should go for orange, red or yellow for your braces. On the other hand, if you are a spring person, you should be choosing baby blue or pink as it will fit your skin tone best.

Meanwhile, those with darker skin tones and hair will usually look better with jewel tones such as navy, turquoise, purple and emerald. while bright colours would fit people with lighter skin tone.

Choosing based on your skin tone is important as you would want to get braces that match with your appearance and not make it worse.

Think about upcoming events or holidays

As you are able to change your braces colours from time to time, you may want to consider choosing your colour based on any upcoming events or holidays. If Chinese New Year is coming up, you could go for red. And if it is Christmas, you can go for different shades of green and red.

It does not only help you in making your decision but your colour choice will also allow you to fit the special occasion.

Eliminate colours you would never pick

Some colours might be too overbearing, such as the colour green, even if you happen to like it a lot, as it may look like you have spinach stuck in between your teeth. Meanwhile, even though it may seem like the best option for you when you are unsure of which colour to pick, white bands can actually make your teeth appear yellow.

So, immediately cross out any colours that you feel would look bad or those that you simply do not like at all as at the end of the day, you are the one who has to see your reflection all the time. And you definitely would not like it if it is one of your least favourite colours.

Consider the clothes you put on

It will probably be the last thing on your mind as your main concern is how the colour of your braces fits the appearance of your face.

However, it is just as important to take into consideration the clothes that you wear when you choose the colour of your braces. For instance, you should not be picking green if you are wearing orange all the time as these two colours will definitely clash with each other.

If you are constantly wearing clothes that come in all sorts of colours, then it would be a better idea to pick clear or neutral colours such as blue or black.

Getting darker colours help make your teeth look whiter

While it is important to know how much braces cost in Singapore, you may also want to carefully consider the colour of your braces as it ultimately has an impact on your appearance.

Simply pick darker colours such as blue or grey to make your teeth look whiter.

With orthodontic treatment in Singapore being on the rise, it comes as no surprise that there are increasingly more patients who are struggling with picking the right colour for their braces. However, with these tips above, it will surely help to make your choice easier.