What Can Cause You To Have Crooked Teeth

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Many people grow up with crooked teeth and naturally, they start to think that they were born with it. However, this is not entirely true. Though genes may cause some people to have crooked teeth, another major factor is a result of our oral habits and the way we live.

Here are some of the common reasons that cause teeth to be crooked.

  1. Having bad oral habits

Sucking one’s thumb is especially common for young children, in particular, small kids and babies. This tendency that occurs within young children may seem harmless at the start as it is a typical habit when you’re at that age. Even so, this ‘harmless’ habit can take a severe toll on the teeth as they start to erupt and be misaligned if you do it for hours a day.

And if you think that pacifiers are a great way to stop your newborn from getting crooked teeth, then you’re wrong as well because even pacifiers can cause your child to have an open bite. But don’t worry too much if that happens as there are many ways to fix that problem such as going for a braces instalment in Singapore.

  1. Improper tongue position

It is always important to maintain a proper tongue posture, as it is one of the most powerful muscles, though not as visible as a person’s striking forearms. The tongue has more than enough strength to move and press your teeth out of position, especially when you’re younger, as the teeth may have only started erupting. An uncontrolled tongue can easily push your teeth out of alignment, preventing your teeth the chance to even grow in properly right at the very beginning.

  1. Nasal airway obstruction

Nasal breathing, or in simpler terms, breathing through the nose, is paramount to proper jaw and teeth development. On average, a person will take about 20,000 to 30,000 breaths in a day. Regular breathing provides the forces that expand the upper jaw and maxilla. Having a nasal obstruction or chronic blocked sinus might cause one to form a mouth breathing habit.

Even a slight obstruction will cause an increase in pressure within the nasal airway, and will undoubtedly cause one to revert to open mouth breathing. Some of the common causes of this health issue include a deviated septum, sinus infections, enlarged nasal turbinates and so on.

  1. Genetics

Though it may be rather unfortunate for some, it is something that cannot be altered. Some people can be born with extra adult teeth or large teeth, which results in either too many teeth or big teeth trying to find their place in one’s mouth. On the other hand, some may even be born with insufficient teeth which leave gaps in the jaw. Some people may have deformed teeth that make it difficult for the teeth to stay in proper alignment.

However, don’t worry as braces can solve this problem easily. In fact, many people decide to go for ceramic braces in Singapore because of the many benefits that it offers.

At the end of the day, you should know that there are various reasons that causes crooked teeth, and they are not just limited to genetics. If you happen to have crooked teeth, make sure you don’t turn a blind eye to it and instead source for a good orthodontist in Singapore to solve the issue.