Why It Is Never Too Late To Get The Smile You Want As An Adult

Why It Is Never Too Late To Get The Smile You Want As An Adult

Orthodontic treatment using tools such as lingual braces or Invisalign helps to reposition your teeth for a more beautiful and straighter smile. Not only do they help to improve your smile aesthetics, but they also boost the health and functionality of your teeth.

The ideal period for orthodontic treatment is during the developmental stage, which is the pre-teen to teenage years. However, that does not mean that adults cannot go through orthodontic treatment. In fact, it is never too late to achieve the desired smile, even as an adult.

Here are some reasons to clear up misunderstandings about adult orthodontic treatment.

Your teeth will be healthier

It is significantly harder to properly floss and brush your gums and teeth when working with uneven and crooked teeth. Bacteria and plaque tend to accumulate in those hard-to-reach areas, particularly near the gum line. If you notice yourself suffering from lots of gum-related issues and cavities arising from your crooked teeth, then it is a clear sign for you to consider orthodontic treatment.

It is important to have straight teeth and beautiful smiles all through the years. However, as we age, natural wear and tear become apparent and preserving our natural teeth becomes a priority. Straightening your teeth as soon as possible when needed can help you to avoid suffering from periodontal diseases and any related dental work. For instance, when your upper and lower front teeth do not meet properly, they may wear against each other in an unsightly way.

Your overall health will improve

Having straight teeth brings more than just aesthetic or cosmetic benefits. Poor dental health may lead to an increased risk of developing other health conditions. Poor oral health has been linked to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. As we grow older, we are at an increased risk of developing such age-related health conditions. Why not take steps to reduce those risks further? Just as it is never too late to exercise or adopt healthier diets, it is the same for your dental health.

It helps you regain confidence

Deteriorating oral health and misaligned teeth can impact our self-confidence. As we become more aware of our crooked teeth or the gaps between our teeth, we might not be as confident in our smiles. Such embarrassment may affect your mental and emotional state. Working around the issue and getting timely orthodontic treatment can get you the beautiful smile you desire, helping you regain the confidence you have lost.

Advances in orthodontic treatment

Fortunately, there are lots of other orthodontic treatment options besides traditional metal braces. There are tooth-coloured ceramic braces that are nearly not noticeable. There are also Invisalign braces, which are almost invisible, when viewed at a social distance.

A lot of factors go into knowing which orthodontic treatment works best for your specific needs, such as your dental condition and the amount of work necessary, budget, and personal treatment preferences. It is vital to note that while aesthetics is vital in your treatment consideration, it should not be the key priority in your decision-making.

Age is just a number

There is no such thing as too old when considering orthodontic treatment. As long as you still have healthy, strong teeth that might need realigning, then it does not matter how old you are; orthodontic treatment can help you achieve your desired smile.

However, if you suffer from dental conditions, such as periodontal disease or missing teeth or tooth decay, your orthodontist or dentist might correct them first before starting to provide you with orthodontic treatment.

Additional information to note if getting adult orthodontic treatment:

  • Because our musculoskeletal structures have stopped developing as adults, braces might not be able to help us achieve some structural changes. Hence, minor oral surgery might be conducted as an adjunct to treatment with braces.
  • Your orthodontist might recommend you visit a dentist and a periodontist during your braces treatment process to ensure there is no untoward bone loss due to gum disease.


Getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is never too late. It is vital for us to take care of our oral health and hygiene, and if orthodontic treatment can improve such care, it is even more of a priority for us to consider getting them done.

As always, when looking for the right treatment option, consult an orthodontist and weigh the pros and cons of every treatment option carefully. Fortunately, at BigSmile Dental Clinic, we offer a wide range of affordable orthodontic treatments to cater to a variety of needs.

For more information on how much some of our orthodontic treatment methods, such as metal braces, ceramic braces, and invisible braces cost, you may reach us at https://www.bigsmile.com.sg/.