Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Still The Better Option

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Having a beautiful, bright smile can entirely change the way you feel about yourself. Indeed, having a straight set of white teeth is a great confidence booster. It can make you feel more attractive, satisfied, and confident about what you have. For this reason, many people strive to achieve unblemished white teeth through various ways.

Home remedies and over-the-counter teeth whitening products are now easily accessible and available for anyone who wants to have an illuminating smile. However, given that human teeth are naturally tinted with a yellowish shade, achieving a perfectly white set of teeth may need more than just at-home treatments.

To whiten your teeth in the safest and most effective way, it’s always best to let a professional do the job. Reliable orthodontic treatment remains the better option when it comes to teeth whitening. To let you understand why this is the case, below are the most convincing reasons why undergoing professional teeth whitening treatments remains better than the available alternatives.

More effective for stubborn stains

DIY teeth whitening products may be cheaper than professional treatments, but their results are not quite impressive. More often than not, home-based teeth whitening products only contain low concentrations of bleach. This has the effect of limiting the efficacy of the treatment to the surface level of your teeth. In short, these DIY teeth whitening products might not be able to remove deep and stubborn stains.

To effectively whiten your teeth, professional help is needed. Some orthodontists and dentists use stronger concentrations of bleach that enable their products to penetrate the enamel and eradicate the stains that may be lingering underneath your tooth surface. Some professionals can also provide you with power bleaching, a highly regarded teeth whitening treatment that uses blue light, lasers, or LED to speed up the process, so you can see instant results.

Safe and healthy methods

One of the main problems with DIY teeth whitening treatments is that they are prone to user error. Oftentimes, the failure to follow the treatment guidelines runs the risk of generating less than desirable results. You can get an unevenly finished outcome, or worse, you may even experience discomfort and pain.

Not to mention, there are plenty of risks that come with doing at-home teeth whitening treatments. For one, since bleaching agents are generally harmful to your soft tissue, one wrong move can already cause an undesirable effect on your mouth.

By leaving the job to an expert, you can achieve perfectly white teeth without having to worry about any risks, or having teeth that are white but do not look natural. Orthodontists usually conduct pre-treatment examinations that can reveal other potential risks that might affect the treatment, such as cracks in your teeth or cavities. When these risks are identified, your orthodontist will most likely inform you about the dental treatments that you must first undergo, for a safe and effective tooth whitening treatment.

Caters to your needs and goals

From tooth shape to tooth sensitivity, every individual boasts a unique set of teeth. Thus, it naturally flows that people also have varying dental needs. This is one of the main reasons why DIY teeth whitening treatments, just like DIY metal or ceramic braces kits, are heavily discouraged. Because teeth differ from person to person, you can never guarantee that a home-based treatment will work for you as described in advertisements.

On the other hand, orthodontists don’t rely on generic products to whiten your teeth. Before you go through the in-chair teeth whitening treatment, your orthodontist will first check and evaluate your teeth. Their assessment will then be used to come up with a treatment plan that works according to the condition and needs of your teeth. This way, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong with the process.


Indeed, you can never go wrong with professional help. Especially when it comes to matters concerning your teeth, seeking the help of a dentist or an orthodontist is always the better option than doing things on your own. If you want to achieve an illuminating, unblemished smile, undergoing a professional teeth whitening treatment is the best thing to do. An orthodontist can surely provide you with outcomes that a home-based DIY kit cannot achieve.

For a perfect smile that is always ready to attract the crowd, having white teeth alone is not enough – you need to make sure that your teeth are aligned as well! To have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, consider pairing your whitening treatment with Invisalign braces by booking an appointment with your orthodontist today.