Teeth Whitening Treatment: How To Make Results Last Longer

Teeth Whitening Treatment: How To Make Results Last Longer

You may have previously struggled with a set of teeth that were either discoloured or stained. Now that the problem has been taken care of by teeth-whitening treatment, you can flaunt an ear-to-ear smile without any inhibitions.

However, your efforts shouldn’t stop there because post-treatment care is also crucial in ensuring your teeth stay white for as long as possible.

To learn more about what you should do to make the results of your teeth whitening treatment last longer, read on as we go through some tips from dental professionals and experts.

Maintain proper oral hygiene

Like many other aspects of dental treatment, if you want to maintain the whiteness of your teeth, you have to practise the basics of oral hygiene.

Examples include brushing at least twice a day for 3-4 minutes, flossing in between your teeth to remove stubborn food particles, and rinsing with an alcohol-free mouthwash.

You can even try a toothpaste with whitening ingredients as an at-home touch-up to prevent your teeth from getting discoloured again.

Watch what you eat or drink

During your first 48 hours after treatment, you have to be mindful of the foods and drinks that can ruin the teeth whitening treatment. As much as possible, do avoid food items that can stain, such as dark-coloured sauces, red wine, tea, and even coffee.

If drinking these is unavoidable, try drinking them with a straw instead of sipping directly from the cup or mug so that they wouldn’t have to come in contact with your teeth so much.

Refrain from smoking, or smoke less

Food and drinks aren’t the only culprits that stain your teeth because smoking cigarettes is also notorious for causing teeth discolouration. If you haven’t noticed, smoking rooms that are painted white discolour over time.

This is because tobacco has nicotine which supposedly has no colour, but it turns yellow when combined with oxygen. In addition, cigarettes also have tar which contributes to the brown stains on the teeth.

Get a touch-up when necessary

Regardless of what the price of your professional teeth whitening treatment was, the results can’t possibly last forever. If you want to maintain a good outcome, you have to get a touch-up treatment when it’s necessary.

Depending on your treatment, your dentist will tell you when you should visit the clinic for a touch-up, such as after a year or so. However, if you see staining or discolouration in progress, you may want to get a touch-up.


Maintaining the results of your teeth whitening treatment means you have to maintain your oral health. Some of the maintenance activities include being careful with what you eat, observing proper oral hygiene, and visiting your dentist whenever it’s needed.

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